Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 6

Word processor


Subject: Information Computer Technology�

Term: 1st Term

Class: Primary 6

Topic: Word Processor

Behavioral Objectives: At the end of the lesson, �Pupils should be able to:

�(i). List word processor a word processor


A functional computer system

Reference Materials

Lagos state scheme of work,

Online information

Relevant materials

Pupils textbook

Behavioral Objectives: pupils are familiar with the topic in their previous classes


Word Processor

  1. Creating, Naming, and Saving a Document
  2. Formatting (bold, italics, font sizes, aligning text)
  1. Creating lists (bullet vs. numbered)
  1. Line spacing
  1. Creating columns
  1. Inserting a bookmark
  2. Inserting an image
  1. Hyper linking
  2. Find & Replace
  3. Grammar & Spell Check
  1. Inserting a page break
  1. Using word count
  2. Inserting Tables
  1. Inserting Rows/Columns
  1. Cell shading
  1. Changing column/row width
  1. Text alignment in tables
  1. Changing text direction
  2. Merging cells
  1. Inserting a header
  1. Inserting a footer
  1. Footnotes
  1. Page numbers
  2. Inserting the date
  3. Printing
  4. Page orientation
  5. Custom margins

fig. 1


Mention 10 word processor skills.

WRAP-UP (CONCLUSION): Teacher goes over the topic once again for better understanding

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