Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 6

Structure: Selected poem based on the virtues of Kindness; Grammar: Adjectives: Meaning and types


CLASS: Basic six

SUBJECT: English Language

TERM: 1st Term

TOPIC:  Structure: Selected poem based on the virtues of Kindness;  Grammar: Adjectives: Meaning and types

BEHAVIOURAL OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Read a poem based on the virtues of kindness ii.Define adjectives and state its meaning

BUILDING A BACKGROUND: Pupils are familiar with the word ‘kindness’ and adjectives

INSTRUCTIONAL  MATERIAL: Pictures, charts and textbook

REFERENCE MATERIAL: Nigeria Primary English Pupils’Book to




FIG. 1




Out there

Out there is a cry of anguish and of pain.

Out there someone’s suffering for someone else’s blame.

Out there, there is someone who’s lost all sense of hope.

Waiting for some kind of help without which he can’t cope.

Out there lies a semblance of a once healthy being

Who’ll die a slow and painful death unless he gets some seeing.

But out there stands a person who cares for animals, true.

Yes, someone who can make a change. That person could be you!

By Kenneth Cassar

EVALUATION: Pupils are evaluated thus:

  1. What are adjectives?
  2. Mention the types of adjectives with examples
  3. Write out the rhyming words in the poem
  4. What is the poem talking about?

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