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 TOPIC: Characteristics of a healthy boy–girl relationship 

Behavioral Objectives

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  • define a healthy boy–girl relationship.
  • identify what makes for a good and healthy boy–girl relationship.
  • discuss the dangers of practicing unhealthy boy–girl relationship

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS: A chart showing teens practicing healthy and unhealthy relationship.


Scheme of work

All relevant materials     

6-Years Basic Education Curriculum

Online information


Pupils are familiar with the topic in their previous classes.


Healthy boy–girl relationship

A healthy boy–girl relationship is a kind of relationship that will not put either the boy or the girl in social, health, psychological or physical problem now or in the future. It is a mutual relationship free of premarital sex. It ensures that they behave properly and understand the changes in their bodies and emotions as they move into puberty. It also prepares them for the future to become responsible adults and good partners when they are ready for marriage. It also prevents drug abuse and misuse, unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. In the past, the relationship between boys and girls was a matter of mutual friendship. They see each other as friends and partners in progress. This was done with proper observation and guidance from parents and other older members of society. It was never a sexual relationship, as that could only happen after necessary marriage rites had been done. Hence, boys and girls were chaste and modest. The girls, especially, attached value to their virginity, and so reserved themselves for their future husbands as a sign of their dignity, discipline and self-respect. Presently, things have changed, due to the fact that people are now imitating foreigners. We now hear of children having boyfriends or girlfriends before the age of ten years. Some girls have also got pregnant as a result of trying out what they have seen people do (sex) on television.

To maintain a healthy boy–girl relationship, parents, teachers, peers and other older members of the community should advise young boys and girls on the need to uphold responsible behavior and conduct towards one another.

Ways of maintaining a healthy boy–girl relationship

The following should be adopted to maintain a healthy boy-girl relationship: 

  • Say ‘no’ to sex before marriage. It pays to wait till you are ready for marriage.
  • Say ‘no’ to negative pressure from peers, friends and classmates.
  • Girls, especially, should learn to maintain a good dress culture. They should desist from wearing very short or very tight clothes, or clothes that reveal some sensitive parts of their bodies.
  • Boys should not be too pushy, and a girl should learn to refuse sexual advances from a boy.
  • Always have the fear of God.
  • Avoid late night outings and being alone in secret with the opposite sex.
  • Be careful about the kind of friends you make or go out with.
  • Children should learn to talk to adults about inappropriate comments or behavior made to them by friends or strangers.
  • Children should focus on the friendship aspects of boy–girl relationships rather than boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.
  • Set goals for yourself; be determined and focused on them and do not be distracted.
  • Read together in a general library and hold discussions in open spaces.
  • Learn to understand situations correctly. Run away from people who have suspicious intentions towards you.
  • Think about the future and talk about your mutual interests together. 14 Take part in religious activities and communal efforts.


 Dangers of an unhealthy boy–girl relationship

Unhealthy boy–girl relationship can lead to many dangerous consequences.

Let us now look at some of them.

  • Involvement in risky sexual behaviours (especially premarital sex) can promote STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) like HIV/AIDS and gonorrhoea.
  • It can lead to unwanted pregnancies.
  • Children can be influenced into taking illegal drugs. They can also be used in selling these illegal drugs on the streets.
  • It can lead to a sudden break in the boy’s or girl’s education.
  • It can bring shame on the person or their families.
  • Death or infertility can occur to those trying to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Assessment & Evaluation:

  • define a healthy boy–girl relationship.
  • identify what makes for a good and healthy boy–girl relationship.
  • discuss the dangers of practicing unhealthy boy–girl relationship


Teacher goes over the topic once again to enhance better understanding          


Define a healthy boy–girl relationship.

5 Identify four (4) ways of maintaining a healthy boy–girl relationship. 6 Mention five (5) dangers of practicing unhealthy boy-girl relationship 7 What is the full meaning of STD?

  • Mention two (2) examples of STDs.
  • What is premarital sex?
  • Mention four (4) consequences of premarital sex

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