Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 6

Menu Planning

Week 3

Subject: Home Economic

Topic: Menu planning

Duration: 40 mins

Reference: Home economic for primary school book 6

Previous knowledge: Pupils are familiar with meal planning

Objective: At the end of the lesson pupils should be able to

  1. Define menu planning
  2. State the order of menu


Menu planning is a plan showing all the dishes to be served at a particular meal time and the order in which they are to be served. This is done in order to make sure a particular meal is meal is adequate or balanced diet.


  1. Fruit juice, oat with milk, tea/chocolate drink and milk
  2. Fruit juice, fried egg, bread, tea/chocolate drink with milk
  3. Fruit juice, porridge, pap/moimoi/akara, tea/chocolate drink
  4. Fruit juice sand wiches, tea/chocolate drink with milk


  1. Garri and groundnut, tea and moimoi/akara and orange juice
  2. Chicken sauce, boiled yam and pineapple drink
  3. Boiled rice, beef stew with milk
  4. Dodo (plantain), fried egg and iced chocolate drink


  1. Jollof rice with chicken, vegetable salad and pawpaw juice
  2. Fish pepper soup, boiled rice, boiled egg and beverages
  3. Plain onion soup, beef vegetable soup with pounded yam and fruit salad


Step I: Teacher revises previous lesson with pupils

Step II: Teacher introduces and explains new topic to pupils

Step III: Pupilsare allowed to ask questions

Step IV: Teacher writes notes on the board for pupils


  1. What is the meaning of menu planning
  2. State the rules that must be considered when planning meals

Conclusion: Teacher moves round for inspection, marking and correction of note where necessary.

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