Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 6

Eaters of dust

Week 3

Subject: English comprehension

Topic: Eaters of dust

Duration: 40 mins

Reference: Nigerian primary English pupils’s book 6

Previous knowledge: Pupils are familiar with answering questions from the comprehension passage.

Objective: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to pronunce and spell new words.


New words

  1. Village: A rural habitation of small size
  2. Stream: A small river
  3. Market: A city square or other fairly spacious site where traders set up stalls and buyers come to buy goods.
  4. Chores: A task, especially a different, unpleasant or routine one
  5. Effective: Having the power to produce the required effect.
  6. Protest: To make a strong objection to disapprove
  7. Valley: The area which drains into a river, between hills or mountains.
  8. Bamboo: A plant; a grass characterisedby its woody, hollow, round straight, jointed stem
  9. Ointment: A preparation of oils and fats usually containing medication, used as a treatment.
  10. Harmattan: Parching dust- bearing land wind on coast of  upper Guinea in December, January and February.
  11. Stroll: To wander on foot; to go somewhere with ease


Step I: Teacher revises previous lesson with pupils

Step II: Teacher introduces and pronounces new words to pupils

Step III: Pupils look for the meaning of the words in the dictionary

Step IV: Pupils read the comnprehension passage and answer question that follow:


  1. The next day, the writer went to the village stream
  2. His mother stopped going to the stream because she had to get up very early to go to the market and she usually come home late in the evening.
  3. While in Lagos, she went to oyingbo market
  4. His father did the house hold chores
  5. The writer’s father couldn’t protest because when his mother came back each day, her bag was filled with money.
  6. The stream was in a valley
  7. The writer robbed his mother’s palm kernel oil on his body.
  8. The cream was called Ude Aki
  9. He preferred his mum’s cream to foreign ointments or body cream because it was more effective against the harmattan.

Conclusion: Teacher moves round for inspection, marking and correction of notes where necessary.

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