Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 6

Word processing with the computer

Week 3

Subject: Basic science and technology (Information Technology)

Topic: Word processing with the computer

Duration: 40 mins

Reference: Smart basic science and technology

Objective: At the end of the lesson pupils should be able to identify the word processing software


A word processor is a computer application (or programs) used to create, edit, save and print documents. A document is like a blank sheet or paper on which you can write, draw and create lists and tables. Microsoft word is the most popular word processing application. Other examples of word processing application are Apple® Pages®, Goggle Docs and Apache open office® writer.

Uses of word processing software

Word processors use a graphical user interface (GUI) which lets you see what the finished document will look like as you create it.

Word processors are used by many different types of people, for example:

  1. Pupils can do their assignments
  2. Authors use word processors to writes books or poems
  3. You can writes letters to friends or make the a birthday party


Step I: Teacher revises previous lesson with pupils

Step II: Teacher introduces and explains new topic to pupils

Step III: Pupils are allowed to ask questions

Step IV: Teacher writes notes on the board for pupils


  1. What is word processor

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