Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 6

Drug Abuse

Week 3

Subject: Basic science

Topic: Drug Abuse

Duration: 40 mins

Reference: Easy way to Basic science and technology for primary schools book 6

Previous knowledge: Pupils are familiar with Drug abuse

Objective: At the end of the lesson pupils should be able to:

  1. Define drug abuse
  2. State the effects of drug abuse


When any drug is used beyond its required amount, such that the person loses control over its usage, it is called drug abuse. Drug abuse is the incorrect use and the misuse of drugs. It also means to take drugs without the doctor’s advice or to take an overdose of naturally occurring drugs and synthetic drugs.

Effects of Drug Abuse

Some drugs are needed for health benefits. But prolong and inappropriate use can have health consequences. It can also cause addiction. The brain and nervous system controls all our actions. Most drugs affect the nervous system. Hence drugs can affect not only the body of a person but also the behaviour of a person. Some hard drugs that have such effects include cocaine, madrax, valium and LSD.

Health effects of drug abuse

  1. It damages the nervous system beyond repair
  2. Organs like the kidneys and liver are also damaged
  3. It can lead to Psychosis. Psychosis is a mental illness that affects a person personality
  4. Overdose can lead to death
  5. Drug abuse may induce insomnia and weight loss

How to avoid drug abuse

  1. Avoid taking habit forming drugs
  2. Take only drugs recommended by a doctor
  3. Shun peer influences that may lead to taking drugs
  4. Always engage in worthwhile activities such as helping the community/church, sports, games and reading.


Step I: Teacher revises previous lesson with pupils

Step II: Teacher introduces and explains new topic to pupils

Step III: Pupils are allowed to ask questions

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