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Alphabet Rhyme A - Z

Subject: Letter Work

Term: Third Term

Week: 4

Class:        Pre-K 

Age:  3 years

Duration:    40 minutes of 3 periods


Topic:         Alphabet rhyme A –Z 

Content:     Introduction, Identification, tracing and writing of T

Specific Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:

  1. Recite A-Z
  2. Identify letter T
  3. Trace and write T

Instructional Techniques: Explanation, demonstration, examples, questions and answers.

Instructional procedure

Periods 1 – 3: Recitation of alphabet rhyme A-Z, Introduction, tracing and writing of T


Teachers Activity

Pupils Activity

Step (1)

Introduction of the theme

The teacher introduces the theme with a song

Pupils pay attention



The teacher writes A –Z in a drawn leaves for them to identify and read

Pupil’s recite



The teacher reviews letter A-Z and introduces T as she writes it on the board

T               T               T                 T



Tracing and writing

The teacher traces and writes letter T on the board for the pupils to do same




(1) Circle letter T


(2) Trace T

(3) Write T


Class work

As in evaluation



The teacher corrects and applauds them


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