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Jesus fed the five thousand

Class: Pre-K

Term: 2nd Term

Week: 4

Age: 3 years

Duration: 40 minutes


Subject: Christian Religious Knowledge

Topic: Jesus fed the five thousand

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to

  1. Give a simple meaning of miracle
  2. Discuss how Jesus fed the five thousand

INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNIQUES: Identification, explanation, playway method, questions and answers, demonstration, story-telling

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS: toys, picture books showing how Jesus fed the five thousand, real bread and fish, bible, story book







The teacher uses Praise ye the Lord song to introduce the topic.

She explains what Miracle is- it is an extraordinary event that can only happen due to the power of God

Pupils pay attention



She then further explains that Jesus did a lot of miracles during his ministry on earth and one of such was the feeding of the five thousand

Pupils pay attention and participates



Using the bible story books and the pictures there in she tells the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand

-      How a crowd of people followed Jesus around during his ministry

-      How they listened and enjoyed his teaching

-      It was so late and there was no place to get food

-      How a little boy offered all he had- 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes

-      How Jesus told the crowd of people to sit down on the grass

-      How Jesus raised the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes up to heaven and gave thanks

-      How it as shared and five thousand people were fed

-      How the disciples of Jesus gathered 12 baskets left over

Pupils pay attention and participate


EVALUATION:    1. An extraordinary thing that happened by the power of God is called a __________. (miracle, temptation)

  1. The little boy gave 5 loaves of bread and ______ fishes. (5, 2)
  2. There were ________ baskets left over. (100, 12)


CLASSWORK: As in evaluation

CONCLUSION: The teacher commends the pupils positively

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