Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 3

Deliverance from Egypt

Term: 1st Term

Week: 1

Class: Primary 3

Age: 8 years

Duration: 40 minutes


Subject: Christian Religious knowledge

 Topic:  Deliverance from Egypt

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to

  1. Define the word ‘deliverance’
  2. Explain how Israelites became slaves in Egypt
  3. Narrate how God delivered the Israelites from Egypt

Instructional Techniques: Identification, explanation, playway method, questions and answers, demonstration, story-telling

Instructional Materials: Bible, picture showing Israelites eating the Passover lamb

Instructional Procedures






The Teacher introduces the new topic by explaining what deliverance means –

Deliverance means being free or to be rescued from all powers of the enemy

Pupils pay attention



She gives further explanation of how the Israelites became slaves in Egypt

-      Joseph had been sold to Egypt and became a governor after interpreting Pharaoh’s dream

-      He was reconciled with his brothers and family when they came to buy food

-      With permission from pharaoh he moved his family to join him in Egypt in the land of Goshen

-      There they all lived, died and flourished till a new pharaoh who didn’t know Joseph was appointed

-      For fear of the Israelites taking over, Pharaoh subjected them to slavery and hardships

Pupils pay attention and anticipate



Using the Bible story books and the pictures there in she narrates how God delivered Israelites from Egyptians

-      God called Moses to go and deliver the Israelites

-      Pharaoh was stubborn to let them go

-      God sent 10 plagues on the Egyptians and provided the blood of the Passover lamb on the door of the Israelites to prevent the angel of death from doing any harm to them

Pupils pay attention and participate


Note taking

The teacher writes a short note on the board

The pupils copy the note




Deliverance means being free or to be rescued from all powers of the enemy.

Moses was called by God to go and deliver the Israelites from their bondage in Egypt. The king as very stubborn to release them so God sent 10 plagues

01 Blood
The waters were turned to blood – the fish in the river died and the Egyptians couldn’t drink the foul water.

02 Frogs
Frogs swarmed forth, covering every inch of land and entering houses and bedrooms.

03 Lice
All over Egypt, bugs crawled forth from the dust to cover the land.

04 Wild animals
Hordes of wild animals destroyed everything in their path.

05 Pestilence
A fatal pestilence killed most of the domestic animals of the Egyptians.

06 Boils
The Pharaoh, his servants, the Egyptians and even their animals developed painful boils all over their bodies.

07 Fiery hail
Hail struck down all the crops in the fields and shattered every tree.

08 Locusts
The locusts covered the face of the land and swallowed up every crop and all the fruits of the trees.

09 Darkness
A thick darkness over the land of Egypt, so total that the Egyptians had to feel their way around.

10 Death of the first-born
All firstborn Egyptian sons (and firstborn cattle) died. Israelites marked lamb's blood above their door and were passed over.

To preserve the Israelites during the plague of the death of the first born, God told the Israelites to kill a lamb and apply its blood on their door post so that when the angel of death see the blood, it will pass over.

Evaluation:          1. Define the term “Deliverance”

  1. State all the ten plagues God sent on the Israelites

CLASSWORK: As in evaluation.

CONCLUSION: The teacher commends the pupils positively.

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