Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Nursery 1

The arrest, crucifixion and death of Jesus

Class: Nursery 1

Term: 2nd Term

Week: 7

Age: 4 years

Duration: 40 minutes


Subject: Christian Religious Knowledge

Topic: The arrest, crucifixion and death of Jesus

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to

  1. Give a simple meaning for arrest
  2. Discuss the events that led to the arrest of Jesus
  3. Give a simple meaning of death
  4. Discuss the events of Jesus’ death


INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNIQUES: Identification, explanation, playway method, questions and answers, demonstration, story-telling

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS: toys, picture books showing how Jesus was arrested, picture books showing Jesus’ death on the cross bible, story book







The teacher uses How Jesus died for you song to introduce the topic.

She explains what arrest means- Arrest means when someone is when you are taken by officers of the law because you did something very bad.


She explains what death is- it is when someone’s body stops living and cannot come back again


Pupils pay attention



She then further explains that Jesus was betrayed by one of His disciples, Judas Iscariot. He received money from people who hated Jesus in order to kill Jesus


She then further explains after Jesus was arrested and many people lied against him, the judge sentenced him to death on a cross.

She further explains that even Jesus had not done anything, they still decided to kill Him because they hated Him

Pupils pay attention and participates



Using the bible story books and the pictures there in she tells the story of how Jesus was arrested

-      How Jesus knew He would die soon and went to the garden to pray with three of his disciples

-      How Judas led those who hated Jesus to where he was

-      How Jesus was arrested as if he was a criminal and taken to the high priest

-      How people lied against Jesus so the high priest could kill Jesus

-      How they nailed him to the cross of Calvary in the middle of two thieves

-      How they wore him a crown of thorns

-      How He was pierced by sword and blood began to rush out

-      How Jesus was mocked and laughed at by everyone who passed by

-      How He was thirsty and was given sour wine

-      How he eventually died

Pupils pay attention and participate



The teacher writes a short note on the board

The pupils copy the notes in their books



Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus’ disciples betrayed Him. He sold Jesus to be hanged on the cross by his enemies. They nailed Jesus on the cross of Calvary in between two thieves. They flogged, spat and mocked him. Jesus eventually died on the cross.

EVALUATION:    1. ________ is when you are taken by officers of the law because you did something very bad. (supper, arrest)

  1. Who betrayed Jesus? (Judas Iscariot, Joseph)
  2. Is it good to tell lies against someone? Yes/No
  3. __________ is when someone stops living and cannot come back. (death, arrest)
  4. Jesus was nailed on the cross of ________. (Egypt, Calvary)
  5. Jesus died even when he did nothing wrong. Yes/No

CLASSWORK: As in evaluation

CONCLUSION: The teacher commends the pupils positively

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