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E-mail address

An email address is a unique address used to identify the email box of its users. Two or more users cannot have the same address. An example format of an email address is [email protected] or [email protected] 

Features in an e-mail address

  1. The username: This is the first part of an email address. It is followed by the @ sign.
  2. The @ (at) Sign: The sign is used to link the username, the website that owns it.
  3. The name of the website: this is usually the name of the website that owns the service like Yahoo, Google, AOL, HiiTPlc, Zenith Bank and so on.
  4. The website extension: the website is registered in a domain with an extension. The extension is determined by the type of entity that owns the website. For example, a commercial entity will have a website with a .com extension.

These are shown below:

[email protected]

Some website extensions include the country code of the entity. Examples are:




South Africa






United Kingdom


Differences between Email and Website

  1. A website is a collection of web pages that are related to an entity. It is identified by its name.
  2. An email address is service in the internet that is registered in a website.



Chatting is the process of simultaneous communication via typing between internet users through instant messages that are not stored.

To be able to chat, you must have an email address. The email address is used to identify the persons chatting and location.

Before you can initiate a chat discussion, you are required to have instant messaging software installed on the computer and an existing email account. The common types of instant messaging software among others are: Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, Google Talk etc.

Apart from the fact that you can chat with instant messaging software, you can also create a list of contacts (people you can chat with) that will notify you when any of your contacts are online or available chats.

Steps involved in chatting with yahoo Messenger

  1. Log onto chat Yahoo Messenger: To log into the chat environment or room with the yahoo ID and Password created previously.
  2. Double click on the yahoo messenger shortcut Icon on the Desktop.
  3. Type your yahoo ID inside the Yahoo ID textbox.
  4. Type your password inside the Password textbox.
  5. Click Sign In. The chat window is displayed as shown below:


Contacts are people’s email addresses you create on the messenger to enable you communicate with them. To create contacts:

  1. Click on the contacts tab and Select Add a Contact.
  2. In the Enter a Messenger ID or email Address textbox, type your friend’s email address. Click next.
  3. In the Enter a brief introduction (optional) textbox, enter your screen name or pet name or friend e.g. Tess. Click Next.
  4. Click finish.


To chat with your friend:

  1. Double click on the friend’s link underneath Friends
  2. Type a message where the cursor is blinking.
  3. Click on Send
  4. Wait for the friend to reply.
  5. On replying, type your message and click send.


To sign out of chat messenger

  1. Click on Messenger tab and select Sign Out.
  2. Click yes on the appearing of the dialog pop-up frame, confirming if you are sure you want to sign out.


READING ASSIGNMENT: HiiT @ School, Computer Studies for Senior Secondary Education. Chapter Five, pages 117 - 119.



  1. ……………….. is the process of simultaneous communication between internet users through instant messages that are not stored (a) Chatting    (b) Emailing    (c) Pinging    (d) lettering 
  2. One of the following is not a feature in an e-mail address (a) The user name  (b) The @ (at) sign  (c) The name of the website  (d) The subject of the email
  3. …………. Is a unique address used to identify the email box o its users. (a) Name of the website  (b) E-mail address  (c) The location of the email  (d) type of website organization
  4. One of the following is not a step in using yahoo mail to send email. (a) Click on the new button (b) Click on the send button (c) Enter the password (d) type the subject title in the subject text box.
  5. One of the following is NOT a step involved in opening mail box using yahoo.
  • Open the internet explorer and type www.yahoo.com in the address box.
  •  Inside the password textbox, type the password of the email address.
  • Click the sign-in button to navigate to your yahoo home page.
  • Type the subject title in the subject text box.



1.Define e-mail

  1. State the steps you will take in order to have an e-mail address.
  2. State three differences between an e-mail address and a website address.
  3. List two steps involved in chatting.


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