Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Senior Secondary School 2

SOCIAL JUSTICE - Amos 2:6-8, 4, 5: 1-29, 9: 10-17, 8: 1-14






  • Essential Christian Religious Knowledge for SS 1-3. By Edmond Ugochukwu.
  • Comprehensive Christian Religious Knowledge for SS 1-3. By Martins I. Amaechi, RSV Bible (Compulsory)







TOPIC: SOCIAL JUSTICE - Amos 2:6-8, 4, 5: 1-29, 9: 10-17, 8: 1-14


  1. Areas of Social Decay which Amos Attacked.
  2. Nature of God’s Punishment.

At the time Amos prophesied in Israel, his focus was on two aspects of Israel’s life. Social justice and true religion. The true worship of God had given way to immorality and hypocrisy in the worship of God. The Israelites had forsaken the laws of Moses. God was very annoyed and sent his prophet Amos to warn the people.



  1. The judges themselves who were supposed to be custodian of justice were totally corrupt.
  2. As a result of the judges’ corruption the poor could not seek redress in the courts. They were instead robbed of justice and justice was given to the highest bidder- the wealthy.
  3. The poor were occasionally robbed of their properties when they could not fulfill their pledges.
  4. The poor were exploited by the rich. The rich became richer by using false weights and measures while selling to the poor.
  5. The rich built store houses and lived in luxury with money gotten from cheating of the poor.
  6. In spite of various forms of punishment like famine, drought, blight and mildew, locust infestation, depopulation, they still persisted.
  7. The poor were humiliated and made to suffer unnecessarily.
  8. Sexual immorality pervaded the social life of the people as there was indiscriminate sex. A man and his 

father could go into the same woman.

  1. The rich slept on the garments taken in pledge from the poor. This was wrong because whatever was in pledge was supposed to be left untampered with until it was reclaimed. The same goes to the wine of those fined. But the rich drank such wine, in the house of God for that matter
  2. Their women fed fat on the proceed of their husband’s oppression of the poor. They drank wines from bowls; hence they are referred to as ‘’cows of Bashan’’.
  3. Israel has turned into a nation that hates those who speak the truth and those who rebuke evil doers.



  1. Describe any three practices which Amos condemned during his time?
  2. Indicate three things he recommended in their place



While Amos was busy warning the people to desist from their evil ways, he also pronounced to them unequivocally God’s punishment if they failed to repent. Amos therefore warned them that they should prepared for total doom . God would punish them as follows:

  1. The women of Samaria must go into exile ‘’with hooks’’ i.e  fish hook. This means they would be exiled in a painful and humiliating manner.
  2. There will be wailing in the street squares and vineyards, signifying a very outrageous calamity which God will bring upon Israel.
  3. A nation will be raised by God that will conquer Israel and carry her into exile.
  4. Those who extort money from the poor will never live in the houses they built, neither shall they rear their vineyards.
  5. The hope of those exploiting the poor will be shattered and their feast turned to mourning.

NOTE: WE are to teach on Amos’ encounter with Amaziah at Bethel.



  1. Compare the moral and religious atrocities committed during Amos’ days and the ones committed today in Nigeria
  2. Enumerate the punishment God lined up for Israel?



  1. Describe any three practices which Amos condemned during his time?
  2. Indicate three things he recommended in their place
  3. Mention four ways that God leads people.
  4. Narrate the crossing of the Red Sea event.



  1. According to Amos, Israel sold the righteous for – (a) gold  (b) silver  (c) a pair of shoes (d) pearls
  2. Amos described the women of  Samaria  as__. (a) harlot (b) cows (c) adulterers (d) fornicators
  3. ___ was the home country of Amos. (a) Bethel (b) Bashan (c) Tekoa (d) Iconium
  4. According to Amos the people of  Israel were guilty of (a) murder (b) witchcraft (c) fornication

(d) maltreatment

  1. The main theme of Amos prophecy in Israel was justice and --- (a) mercy  (b) charity  (c) righteousness (d)chastity



  1. Enumerate the various social vices in Israel?
  2. Indicate three things he recommended in their place?  

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