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The common internet browsers are:

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Firefox
  3. Opera
  4. Netscape Navigator
  5. Google

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a graphical web browser developed by Microsoft.


Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser managed by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is one of the widely used browsers. 


The opera browser is a web browser developed by opera software. It is smallest and fastest browser in the world.


Netscape Navigator

Netscape Navigator browser is a product of the Netscape Communication Corporation.


The common features of the main browser are:

Title Bar

The title bar is at the very top of the browser windows. In both Firefox and Internet Explorer web browser is normally seen on the blue bar at the top. The title of the web page is displayed on the title bar.

Menu Bar

The menu bar contains menus such as File, Edit, View, History, etc. it is the bar underneath the title bar.

Tool Bar

The toolbar and its icon are displayed at the top of the browser windows underneath the menu bar. This is where the Back button, the Home button, the Refresh button, etc are found.


Address Bar

The address bar is the box at the top of the browser windows that displays the entire URL, or web site address.


The internet offer many services to its user; with the internet, users are able to interact with one another, advertize their products, chart with friends, watch video clips, download software, buy products, do banking transaction, and many more. Most of the customized internet services we use amongst others are;

  1. Email: The word Email stands for Electronic Mail. It is an internet service that enables internet users to send and receive message.
  2. Email Discussion Group: They are made of up people anywhere on the internet who agrees to communicate, using email, as a group where the messages they share are related. Examples of these groups are: Usenet, Newsgroups etc.
  3. Usenet: The Word Usenet stands for Users Network. This is an online discussion system.

Usenet encompasses a wide variety of forums or newsgroups whereby participants can discuss topics with people in other parts of the world.

  1. Telnet: Telnet is the main internet protocol for creating a connection with a remote computer. It gives the user the opportunity to access the resources on another computer. The format of the telnet command is: if the system were goodshepherdschools.net, for example, the command would look like this: telnet goodshepherdschools.net
  2. FTP: This is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol, it is the simplest way to exchange files between computers in a network FTP is commonly used to download/upload files to/ from your computer.
  3. www: it stands for World Wide Web, also abbreviated as w3. It consists of interlinked html documents accessed via web browser.



The internet plays a major role in the society in the following application areas:

  1. Education/E-learning: With the internet, people can get educational materials and read them in preparation for examinations, or use them for school assignments. The internet also enhances electronic learning whereby courses or subjects are taught online using audio and, or visual material.
  2. E- Registration: The internet provides users with facilities for online registration of examinations like WAEC, NECO and JAMB.
  3. Entertainment: The internet kills boredom and enhances leisure by providing its users with latest entertainment in the form of movies, games, news, and many more.
  4. Communication: This is one of the key benefits of the internet. The internet provide many means by which users can communicates with friends, family, colleagues, and more through emails and other  social sites like facebook, yahoo massager, 2go, twitter etc.
  5. E-Banking: The internet can be used as a tool to carry out transactions with banks irrespective of user’s location.
  6. E-Commerce: Internet is also a tool for E-commerce. It allows users to buy and sell their goods and services online regardless of their location.

READING ASSIGNMENT: HiiT @ School, Computer Studies for Senior Secondary Education. Chapter Five, pages 113 - 115.



  1. ……………… is a collection of web pages that are related to an entity, activity or event. (a) Web page    (b) Protocol    (c) Website    (d) ISP
  2. The following are examples of internet main browsers except ……………….. (a) Firefox    (b) Facebook    (c) Opera    (d) Google
  3. The following are features of the main browser except (a) Title bar    (b) Address bar    (c) Location bar    (d) Tool bar
  4. The following are benefits of internet to the society except (a) Fraud    (b) E-banking    (c) Entertainment    (d) E-Registration
  5. …………… is the simplest way to exchange files between computers in a network. 


  1. List and explain four (4) benefits of the internet to the society
  2. List and explain there (3) features of Main Browser


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