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The Supremacy of God






  • Essential Christian Religious Knowledge for SS 1-3. By Edmond Ugochukwu.
  • Comprehensive Christian Religious Knowledge for SS 1-3. By Martins I. Amaechi, RSV Bible (Compulsory)







TOPIC: The Supremacy of God


  1. Religious Tension In Israel I Kings 16;29-34;17;1-18;19;1-8
  2. Elijah Predicts Drought in Israel I kings 17;1-16


God is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.God is Omnipotent- He is all powerful. He is greater than every problem we have.In most difficult times, God always proves Himself. Heis the Greatest, the Highest, and the Ultimate.



  • Religious Tension in Israel  1 kings 16:29-34;17:1-18;19:1-8


Ahab is being described as the king who” did evil in the sight of God more than all before him”. This is essentially owing to his marriage to the Sidonian princess-Jezebel, who infested Israel with the worship of Baal, 

to extent that the worship of the real God was almost scrapped. Ahab even erected an altar for Baal.


Consequently, there arose a religious tension in Israel, as Baalism almost supplanted or overthrew the worship of God. Jezebel waxed stronger by the day, with no regard for the God of Israel, killing  prophets of God with reckless abandon and chasing the rest into hiding. This is to enforce the worship of Baal.



  • Elijah predicts drought in Israel I Kings 17;1-16


This was the picture of things in Israel when God sent Elijah to Ahab to proclaim a three  year drought,apparently as punishment for Israel for abandoning  their God. God divinely directed Elijah to stay where God had provided for him away from Ahab and Jezebel. God fed him regularly in several places.First was the Brook Cherith. He drank from the brook while the raven fed him with bread and meat.Elijah was also sent to the widow at Zarephath when the brook dried up.


For the King and his people however, they were thrown into chaos and tension as the drought took his tollon the nation. Obadiah, a man who feared God greatly, hid and fed a hundred prophets of God in a cave.


He saved them from Jezebel’s sword throughout the drought.



  1. Discuss the religious tension in Israel and relate it to the religious tension in your own country
  2. What lessons can be learnt from the religious tensions in Israel?


Why Elijah pronounced drought:Ahab’s response and Supremacy

God sent Elijah to proclaim the three year drought as punishment for both Ahab and the entire people of Israel for forsaking Him, the Almighty and worshipping Baal.


The following episodes show the supremacy of God.

  1. As the Supreme Being, He with-held rain for three consecutive years to teach the Israelites a bitter lesson as a result of their unfaithfulness to God.
  2. While the drought lasted, God made provisions for Elijah.
  3. God used Obadiah to protect all his prophets throughout the duration of the drought.



  1. Good leaders should not allow their conduct to bring punishment and frustration to those they are leading.
  2. Those in position of authority should obey the rules and abide by the laws in order to command good followership.
  3. Leaders should avoid being derailed by those close to them.In time of crisis, God always protects His own people. This was the case with Elijah and the 100 prophets hidden by Obadiah.



  1. Why did Elijah pronounce drought on Israel and how did Ahab react to it?
  2. What lessons about the supremacy of God do we learn from this event?



  1. Discuss the religious tension in Israel and relate it to the religious tension in your own country
  2. What lessons can be learnt from the religious tensions in Israel?
  3. Give an account of the first creation.
  4. Narrate the second account of creation.



Essential Christian Religious Knowledge for SS 1- 3 By Edmond Ugochukwu.

RSV Bible  Read I Kings 17:1-18; 19:1-8.



  1. Ahab sinned against God by building an altar for Baal at___. A. Jerusalem B. Bethel C. Samaria


  1. Baal was a mere title meaning A. god B. lord C. wood D. log
  2. Elijah was fed by a raven at A. Brook KishonB. Brook CherithC.Zarephath D. Kidron
  3. The servant of Ahab who saved one hundred prophets of God was A.GehaziB. Obadiah C.Amaziah
  1. Nimshi
  1. Jezebel was a princess from the land of ---------- A. Moab B. Sidon C. Israel D. Samaria



  1. Describe the religious tension during the reign of Ahab.
  2. Discuss the role of Obadiah during the religious tension?

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