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SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION                                    




  • Fundamentals of Civic Education for Senior Secondary School Book 2, Sola Akinyemi.




It will be difficult to completely eradicated drug abuse in Nigeria. However, some measures can help to reduce the rate and dangers of drug abuse in our society. Below are some of the suggested remedies to the prevention of abuse of drugs.


  1. Parental Intervention:  Parents can begin to serve as good role models and mentors for their children to emulate. Parental education of children about the dangers of drug abuse will go a long to reduce the rate of drug abuse in the society.
  2. Public Enlightenment Campaign and Seminars:  There should be regular campaign programmes and seminars where the public can be educated on the dangers of drug abuse to the individual, family and society at large.
  3. Religious Intervention: Our religious bodies should sensitize their followers of the negative effects of drug abuse. The campaign should be emphasized in their various gatherings until there is positive response.
  4. Media Campaign:  The existing media in the country should promote programmes that would prevent the youths from going into illegal use of drugs. If the print and electronic media can engage in this kind of campaign it will help to reduce drug abuse in the society. 
  5. Sales should be done by professionals:  The sales and management of drugs should be done by qualified professionals such as pharmacists and doctors. People should not be allowed to transact in drugs as other businesses that may not require expertise. 
  6. Adequate Punishment for Offenders: There should be strict laws and adequate punishment for those who deal in drugs illegally.
  7. School Intervention: Drug abuse, its negative effects and consequences should be made part of our school curriculum. Student should be taught how to live responsibly in the society without depending on drugs.
  8. Provision of Employment: Some people are involved in the abuse of drugs as a result of poverty and joblessness. When such people are engaged in productive venture it will reduce their dependence on drugs.
  9. Effective Drug Law Enforcement Agencies: The existing agencies in charge of drug law enforcement in Nigeria should be well equipped in order to enablethem carry out their responsibilities effectively.



  1. Mention any three ways the individual can assist in the prevention of drug abuse in Nigeria.
  2. List three things that can help to prevent drug abuse in our society.



The promulgation of drug laws in Nigeria is one of the ways the Nigerian government has been responding to the prevention of drug abuse in the country. Examples of such laws are:

  1. Indian hemp decree (1966) – According to this decree, any person who engages in the cultivation or exportation of cannabis will face 21 years imprisonment. Those who only export will risk 10 years imprisonment and 5 years imprisonment if found to possess smoking utensils.
  2. Indian hemp decree (amendment) 1984 – This Amendment Act provides for 21 years imprisonment for sales and trafficking while 4 or more years for smoking and possession.
  3. Tobacco smoking decree (1990) – This law prohibits smoking of tobacco in public places. It also made it compulsory for tobacco advertisers to put warnings on them e.g. smokers are liable to die young.



  1. Mention two drug laws you know.
  2. What are the importance of drug laws?



  1. Define human right?
  2. List any ten rights citizens can enjoy in a state?
  3. What is drug abuse?
  4. Explain five consequences of drug abuse.
  5. What are the benefits of responsible parenthood?



Prevention of Drug Abuse:Fundamentals of Civic Education for Senior Secondary Book 2, Sola Akinyemi, Pages 68-75.




Instruction: From the options lettered A-D, choose the letter that is most appropriate for the following questions. Answer all the questions.

  1. Religious intervention will … drug abuse. A. enhance B. reduce C. improve D. promote
  2. The Indian hemp decree (1984) as amended was under the administration of A. Yakubu Gowon B. OlusegunObasanjo    C. MohamaduBuhari    D. Ibrahim Babangida
  3. The following will reduce drug abuse except A. public enlightenment B. media campaign C. poverty D. strict laws
  4. Prevention of drug abuse will lead to A. anarchy B. human rights abuse C. progress 
  5. depression

5    The Indian hemp decree of 1984 provides for …. years imprisonment for offenders. A.18  B. 21 C. 25 D. 10


  1. Explain five ways drug abuse can be prevented in Nigeria.
  2. State three importance of laws in the fight against drug abuse.


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