Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Senior Secondary School 2

Themes in the Poem




TERM: 2nd Term


  1. Exam Reflection Literature- in-English by Sunday OlatejuFaniyi.
  2. Exam Reflection Literature-in-English (Prose and Drama) by Sunday OlatejuFaniyi.  
  3. Native Son by Richard Wright.




The theme of Pride: Pride is seen to be the major theme of the poem, ‘The Proud King’. And it is said that pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. An assessment of the first eight stanzas will reveal that King Jovinian displayed great arrogance even toward God that he says he has no need of temple and priest. In his words, his father’s reign and throne can only be measure by the portion of land where he keeps his dogs. Hence, he calls it the prince of narrow land. These and many more are the reasons while God decided to teach Jovinian a lesson that he can take away from the minds of his subordinates recognition of their King from them. So, an angelic figure was sent to humble King Jovinian who understood at the end that God alone deserves the kind of praise he ascribed to himself.


Sovereignty and Supremacy of God: The poem is an evident statement on the supremacy of God over all humans no matter the power and position. God’s dealings with Jovinian portray this fact as in stanza 93, Jovinian recounts that ‘God is good/….and good hope I have/of help from Him that died upon the rood/And is a mighty lord to slay and save….’ Also in the words of the angelic figure: ‘The God that made the world can unmake thee.’ He continues, ‘Thou hast learned how great a God He is/Who from the heavens countless rebels drave.’ Here, he refers to Satan and his associates.



  1. Highlight on the theme of the dangers of pride in the poem, “The Proud King.”
  2. Comment on the poetic devices used in the poem, “The Proud King.”



Read the biography of Richard Wright in Exam Focus and summarise.  



  1. A character that develops in the course of a novel or play is described as A. flat. B. antagonist. C. round. D. protagonist.
  2. A dirge is poem sung A. to send a child to sleep. B. to make workers happy. C. at a birthday party. D. at a funeral.
  3. In drama, the ____________ creates humour. A. hero B. clown C. villain D. chorus
  4. ‘Let me not love thee if I love thee not’ illustrates A. metaphor. B. proverb. C. paradox. D. meiosis.
  5. _________ is a literary device used to express something unpleasant in a more acceptable way. A. Epilogue B. Epigram C. Euphemism D. Eulogy



  1. Comment on the issue of sovereignty of God in the poem, “The Proud King.”
  2. Assess the diction of the poem, “The Proud King.”

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