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  • Essential Christian Religious Knowledge for SS 1-3. By EdmondUgochukwu.
  • Comprehensive Christian Religious Knoledge for SS 1-3. By Martins I.Amaechi,
  • Holy Bible R.S.V (compulsory)
  • WAEC CRK PAQ. (1988-2017)





  • Joseph.
  • David.
  • The three Hebrew.
  • Esther.

Obedience means to adhere to laid down instructions of any given society which enables the smooth running of the society. To obey the laws of the land helps the society to progress socially, morally, economically and politically. To obey instructions could come individually or corporately. There are people that obeyed instructions given to them by God and they were rewarded for it.


JOSEPH GEN.39: 7-12

Joseph was a slave in the house of Portiphar, the captain of the guards of Pharoah. Joseph behaved himself and was meticulous in his dealings. This made his master to entrust everything that he has into the hands of Joseph except his wife. The house of Portiphar prospered because God was with Joseph. However, Portiphar’s wife liked Joseph and wanted him to have sexual relationship her. She disturbed him for several days and prevailed not.


On a particular day, Joseph was going about his duties in the house and there was nobody in the house that Portiphar’s wife grabbed him by his garment and told him to lie with him. Joseph left his garment with her and fled. When she realized what happened, she cried out to the men and told them about the attempted rape that Joseph wanted to do. She narrated her own side of the event when her husband came and Portiphar was angry with Joseph and put him into the prison. From there, Joseph met the cupbearer who later introduced him to Pharoah and he became the Prime Minister of Egypt.



Describe the personality of Joseph


DAVID 1 SAM.26:1-12

David had opportunity to kill Saul was when they got to the wilderness of Ziph.  Saul pitched in the hill of Hachilah David arose, and came to the place, where Saul had pitched, and David saw the place Saul laid, the Abner the captain of his host were all asleep.  David was with Abishai when they found Saul and Abner and the other people with Saul all asleep. Abishai told David to seize the opportunity because the Lord has delivered his enemy into his hands.  David took the spear and cruse of water of Saul and went away.  David refused to lay his hands on the Lord’s anointed this second time.


Thereafter, David made Saul and Abner, the captain of the host realized that he had the opportunity to kill Saul, but he refused saying that he is the Lord’s anointed.  Saul apologized to David saying that he has sinned.  Saul went on his way, David also went on his way. Later, he became king of Israel.

The three Hebrew . Dan.3: 1-30

King Nebuchadnezzar had erected a golden image. He wants everybody to bow to it. He instructs that at the sound of musical instruments, everybody should bow to it. However, there were three Hebrew men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, officials in Babylon, that refused to bow. When the news got to Nebuchadnezzar, he summoned them to his court. He asked them if what was told about them was true. He told them to obey at the instance of the musical instruments and their refusal to do so will make him throw them into the burning fiery furnace and who is that God that will save them out of his hands. They replied him that their God will deliver them from the furnace and from his hands and if he does not, they will not serve his god.


King Nebuchadnezzar was furious and ordered that the furnace be heated seven times more and that his mighty men in the army should bind them and throw them into the furnace. The Hebrew men were grabbed and thrown into the fire. The heat of the fire consumed the mighty men of Babylon. However, the Hebrew men were walking inside the fire unhurt. Nebuchadnezzar was surprised because he saw four men instead of three. He ordered that they should come out and the people were astonished when they saw that the fire had no effect on them.


The king ordered that their God should be the only one that should be served. He promoted them into higher offices 



Describe the boldness of the three Hebrew men.



Esther became queen after Vashti, the wife of Ahasureus, misbehaved. Esther was picked as queen after a year-long preparation. Esther was told by her uncle, Mordecai, not to disclose her nativity to anyone. She obeyed this instruction. In Shushan, where the king reigned, one of the princes, Haman, was so full of pride and never liked the Jews, especially Mordecai. He had been promoted above all the princes which often make him pompous. He had plotted to destroy all the Jews at an appointed time.


Mordecai heard about the plot and sent messages to Esther, the Queen, by sending the copy of the decree. This was to make Esther go to the king to intervene. Esther sent a message to Mordecai that she cannot see the king unless she is called. She also said that should anyone go in without the king’s summon and he refuses to point the golden sceptre, the person will be put to death.


Mordecai told her that if she refuses to make an effort, she will not be spared and that God will bring help through another means. Esther replied that she and her maidens will go on a three day dry fast and others should do so along with her and that if she perishes, she perishes. It was through this means that God saved the Jews from Haaman.



Mention instances that women have saved the country.



  1. Describe the role of Mordecai in the rescue of the Jews.
  2. Who is Haaman?
  3. Discuss God as the controller of the universe.
  4. Describe the uniqueness of man among the creations of God.



Essential Christian Religious Knowledge for SS 1-3. Edmond Okoli.Pg 84.



  1. Queen Esther fasted for___ days for the rescue of the Jews. A.3 B.4 C.5 D.7
  2. The three Hebrew men were____ in Babylon. A. peasants B. labourers C. officials D. craftsmen
  3. The man that wants to get rid of the Jews in Shushan was____. A. Haaman B. Napthali C. Sanballat
  1. Herod
  1. The captain of King Saul’s army was____. A. Abner B. Benjamin C. Ahijah D. Caleb
  2. The queen that was removed from her position in Shushan was____. A.Jezebel B. Esther C.Vashti D. Jael



  1. Describe the persecution of the three Hebrew.
  2. Describe the personality of David.

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