Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Senior Secondary School 2

JOSHUA AS A LEADER;Num 13:16-34;14:1-10;27:15-23;Joshua 1:1-15 6:24:1-13






  • Essential Christian Religious Knowledge for SS 1-3. By Edmond Ugochukwu.
  • Comprehensive Christian Religious Knoledge for SS 1-3. By Martins I. Amaechi
  • RSV Bible (Compulsory)






TOPIC: JOSHUA AS A LEADER;Num 13:16-34;14:1-10;27:15-23;Joshua 1:1-15 6:24:1-13


  • Joshua Commissioned
  • Why Joshua Succeeded as a Leader.
  • Lessons to Learn.

While Moses was still alive, he sent twelve spies to spy Canaan, as we have already narrated.  Thus, all was set for the conquest of the big city.  The people of Israel gradually approached the city.  And then, Moses, now very old pleaded with God to give him a successor who would lead the people to the promised land.


Moses was strengthened by God to lead the children of Israel close to Canaan, the promised land.  God specifically told Moses that he would die.  Moses prayed to God to appoint a leader that could replace him.


Joshua Commissioned

God instructed Moses to choose Joshua, the son of Nun, in whom was the spirit of God, to lead Israel into the promised land.  Joshua was among the twelve spies sent out to spy Canaan.  He was courageous and had faith in God.  Consequently, Moses commissioned Joshua as leader before Eleazar, the priest, in the full glare of the congregation of Israel by laying hands on him.  God gave Joshua words of courage and assurance as soon as Moses died.  God used this very occasion to brief Joshua on his first assignment – leading the people across the Jordan.


Joshua therefore organized the people for the crossing of River Jordan. Following God’s instruction, they crossed river Jordan. Thereafter, he set up a monument of stones to serve as a memorial. From this point Joshua proved himself a leader.  He sent two courageous warriors to spy through Jericho and assess their military preparedness. Following God’s specified instructions again after marching round the walls the seventh day for seven times and as they shouted, the walls of Jericho collapsed and the people marched in and took the land burning it completely.   


The last task Joshua performed before his death was to rededicate the people to the service of God.  They promised never to serve any other god.  Joshua died at the age of a hundred and ten.



Describe the commissioning of Joshua.


Joshua’s Leadership Qualities

  1. He was a man of courage, not given to fear.  Inspite of the size of Canaan’s giants, he determined to fight them.
  2. He had absolute trust in God.
  3. He possessed diplomatic wisdom to quell risks, as seen in his speech to the people, never to fear because of the massive stature of the Canaanites.
  4. He was a man who followed God’s instructions.  He was very obedient.  This was evident in how he led the Israelites to cross the Jordan and the conquering of Jericho.


Lessons to Learn

  1. A good leader must be able to endure and be patient.
  2. Trusting in the Lord even at all times should be paramount.
  3. As we aim to serve the Lord faithfully our lives are guaranteed to be well spent.



  1. Narrate how Joshua conquered Jericho.
  2. What two lesson can you learn from this?



  1. Mention three leadership qualities of Joshua.
  2. Describe the faith of Joshua
  3. What are the attributes of and reward for humility as stated in the epistles?
  4. What are the significance and implications of humility.?



Comprehensive Christian Religious Knowledge for SS 1-3 by Martins I Amaechi pages 33-35.



  1. Joshua and Caleb were from the tribes of _________

    (a) Judah and Reuben      (b) Ephraim and Judah    (c) Reuben and Ephraim

  1. Joshua died at the age of __________ (a) 120     (b) 150        (c) 110
  2. Joshua is the son of _____________ (a) Levi (b) Amiram      (c) Nun
  3. The city of Jericho had been shut up from within because of the people of Israel.  Nobody in the city went in or out.  True/False
  4. On the seventh day, the people were to march round the city seven times. True/False



  1. Explain how Joshua led the Israelites to cross the River Jordan.
  2. List and discuss two leadership qualities of Joshua.

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