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KITCHEN PLAN AND LAYOUT. (Factors to consider when planning a kitchen)






  • Food and Nutrition for SS 1-3 by Dr. J. O. Olusanya and others



TOPIC: KITCHEN PLAN AND LAYOUT. (Factors to consider when planning a kitchen)

  • Definition of kitchen (Types)
  • Factors to consider when planning a kitchen.
  • Kitchen plan

Definition of kitchen

The kitchen can be defined as a working room.  The kitchen can also be defined as a place where food is stored and prepared for meals.


The kitchen is also a place or a production centre where all cooking take place.

Types of kitchen

Types of kitchen are;

Family kitchen

Industrial kitchen


Family kitchen

This is the type of kitchen found in our homes.  The size of the kitchen varies from one to another and it depends on the following factors.

(1)    The size of the building itself.

(2)    The types of equipment /utensils to be used in the kitchen.

(3)    The types of menu to be prepared in the kitchen.

(4)    The size of the family.

(5)    The economy status of the family.


These are the types of kitchen found in Hotels, Restaurants and institutions e.g. universities, colleges and hospitals.  Usually industrial kitchens are bigger than the family kitchens.


All kitchens should be large enough to meet the needs of either the family or establishment.


Define the kitchen.

State types of kitchen.


Factors to consider when planning a kitchen.

In planning a kitchen the following factors should be considered.

  1. Financial status.
  2. Size of the family
  3. Activities to be carried out inside it.

There are three basic kitchen plans they are:

  1. L shaped kitchen
  2. U shaped kitchen
  3. Parallel lines kitchen

The equipment and kitchen units should be positioned in a logical order so that they form a continuous working area to suit the sequence and stages of the main activities carried out in the kitchen.  For meal preparation this sequence would be:

Food Storage                Preparation                    Cooking                    Serving                  Cleaning up

The kitchen should be designed so that time and energy are not wasted by moving from one area to another and that excessive bending and stretching in order to use equipment are avoided


L – shaped kitchen

U – shaped kitchen

Parallel lines kitchen


  1. State types of kitchen plans.
  2. State factors to consider when planning a kitchen.


Topic - The Kitchen

Reference Book – Foods and nutrition for SS 1 – 3 pages 40 – 42



  1. _______ is a production centre where all cooking takes  place.

    (a) Dinning room    (b) living room        (c) kitchen 

  1. Family kitchen is found in _______

    (a) schools        (b) industries       (c) houses        (d) companies

  1. There are _______ basic kitchen  arrangements

    (a) six        (b) ten        (c) three

4    Hospital kitchen is an example of ________ kitchens.

    (a) family    (b) industrial      (c) all of the above

  1. Size of the family is one of the factors to consider while planing a ______

    (a) Home    (b) Toilet    (c) kitchen


  1. Define the kitchen
  2. State types of kitchen and where they are found.


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