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Vocabulary Development : Words associated with building







  • Comprehension :  Summarizing in a specified number of words
  • Vocabulary Development : Words associated with building
  • Structure:  Synonyms : Words nearest in meaning.


A: Comprehension: Summarizing in a specified number of words


You have learnt in the eight week how to summarize in a specified number of sentences, now you, want to learn how to summarize in a specified number of words.

In this case your summary of the given passage must not exceed the specified number of words.

  • it should be very brief
  • A whole passage may be paraphrased into a paragraph or two
  • For example, when there is a list of things like: pepper, tomatoes, onion, magi, salt, groundnut,  oil etc. you can summarize it to one word’ soup ingredient’.


cream, lipstick, powder, eye pencil, hair cream, etc ll these are summarized into one word, ‘cosmetics’



Read the passage on pg 125 of your effective English and summarize into one hundred words



Faster Reading on page 168 of the Effective English 


B: Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Building


  • Building
  • Relevant Words


Building:  A building has two main parts: the  sub structure  which is underground and the  superstructure  which is  the  part above the ground. The substructure is usually called the  foundation

Relevant Words.


Concrete   mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water that hardens as it dries. (it’s used for foundation)

Glazier : person whose work is to put glass in windows.

Gravel   pebbles and pieces of rock coarser than sand.

Scaffold   temporary elevated structure or platform for holding workmen  and materials during the construction, repair of  decoration of a building .

Mansory the  skill of preparing and fixing stones in building .

Architect: A person who plans new buildings and sees that they are built properly.

Renovate: to put back into good condition 

Furnish  :  to put  furniture in a part of a building

Cistern  A tank for storage of water, as part of the system which flushes body waste from the toilet

Plumber: A man whose job is to fit and repair water pipes, bathroom articles etc. Other related words. Building plan, interior decoration, hinges, bricklayer, valuer, rubbles, tiles, commercial building, residential building, lintels, contractor,  lintels,.



With the aid of your dictionary, find out the meaning of the five words from the words listed above and use them in sentences.



Countdown in English By Evans pg 123.


C: Structure : Synonyms: Word  Nearest in meaning


  • Definition
  • Words and their Synonyms


A synonym is a word which very nearly has the same meaning as some other words, and which can replace the word in a sentence, without changing the meaning in the sentences. It helps to avoid monotony in writing .

Note the following synonyms and the different shade of meanings:

Synonyms: odour, scent, smell, stench, aroma, fragrance.

Aroma: refers to a pungent, spicy odour e.g the aroma of peppers

Fragrance :  Describes a smell that is sweet and agreeable e.g the  fragrance  of the rose flower odour and smell: refer to something that may be either pleasant or unpleasant e.g. the odour of ol leather, the smell of hydrogen sulphide.

Scent: is less strong than odour or smell as in the scent of lilac 

Stench: is an offensive foul smell as the stench of  burning rubber.


Typical Synonyms

Word        Synonyms

Confess    admit, own

Abandon    give up, relinquish

Dangerous    risky, perilous

Surrender    resign, yield

Expensive    dear, costly

Disaster    misfortune, calamity

Aloof        shy, withdrawn

Dishonest    unjust, deceptive

Compensate    requite, atone

Dull        gloomy cheerless

Reject        expel, emit

Protagonist    hero, star

Obliterate    efface    destroy

Generous    liberal open-handed

Famous    renowned eminent



Find the synonyms of the following words request, rule, acute, entire, enemy.



Synonyms pg 160 of Countdown English Language by Evans



Page 205 questions 2 and 3 of the Effective English


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