Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 5

Some of the things God provides for us


SUBJECT: Christian Religious Studies

TERM: 1st Term

CLASS: Primary 5

TOPIC: Some of the things God provides for us

God provides everything for us. He is so good that he has provided for everybody the things we need to be alive. These are: air, sun, water, land, food and so many more things. God knows that without air, nobody can be alive.

This is why he has given it free to everybody.

He knows that we need the sun or natural light to move about for our activities during the day. He knows that the sunlight makes plants to grow very well for our use that is why he has given the sun to us all. Birds feeding on fruits in a bush

He created water because he knows that without it we cannot stay alive. With air, sun, water and land, God makes it possible for us to have food. He created different types of crops for us to cultivate as food and some trees to bear fruits for us. God created vegetations for us to have fertile ground for the cultivation of crops. God has provided and he continues to provide much more for our needs.


  • mention the ways God provides for us.
  • list things God provides for us.

WRAP UP (CONCLUSION): Teacher goes over the topic once again for better understanding.


  • Why is God the provider of everything?
  • In which ways does God provide for us?

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