Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 5

Values in house construction

Week 3

Subject: Civic Education

Term: 1st Term

Class: Primary 5

Topic: Values in house construction 

Behavioral objectives: At the end of the lessons, the pupils should be able to

  1. Define value
  2. Know what values in house construction is all about

Instructional materials

Different kind of Charts and references materials 

Scheme of work 

And other relevant materials

6 years basic Education curriculum

Online information

Building background connection to prior knowledge: pupils are familiar with the topic in their previous classes


Values are those ideas which we, as members of society, have about what is right and what is wrong. A society without values will be chaotic and eventually get destroyed. Values keep a society decent, progressive, safe and attractive. Generally, the values relevant to house construction are those values which we must possess as members of society. They include:

  • Honesty
  • Cooperation
  • Self reliance
  • Unity
  • Tolerance
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Peace
  • Humility
  • Happiness
  • Freedom
  • Responsibility
  • Discipline
  • Hard work
  • Respect for quality, and accountability
  1. Honesty (accountability, accuracy). Builders, property developers, bricklayers, building materials merchants and all those involved in the construction of houses, must be honest. They should use materials of high quality.
  2. Self reliance (hard work, skill and discipline). Nigeria has many qualified people in the construction industry. Some of them are engineers, electricians, bricklayers, builders, surveyors, architects and plumbers. They should work hard and use their skills to construct good houses.
  3. Cooperation and unity. At construction sites, all workers should cooperate in order to construct good houses for the people.
  4. Tolerance, love, respect and peace. When we love others, we would treat them the way we want them to treat us. Builders and construction workers should show love for the owner of the house by being honest in the way they handle the construction of the house.
  5. Construction workers should do their work with joy. Also, those in charge should keep the workers happy by paying them well and promptly

Strategies and activities:

step1: Teacher revised previous lesson

Step 2: teacher introduces the new topic

Step 3: Teacher explains new topic

Step 4: Teacher welcomes pupils’ questions.

Step 5: Teacher evaluates the pupils

Assessment and evaluation

Teacher asks questions from pupils based on the topic 

 Wrap up and conclusions

Teacher goes over the topic  for better  understanding.


1. Define Honesty 

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