Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 5

Teaching of New words, meaning and comprehension; How I Spent My Last Holiday; The tenses

WEEK:  Two

CLASS: Basic Five

TERM: 1st Term

SUBJECT: English language

TOPIC:  Reading: Teaching of New words, meaning and comprehension; How I Spent My Last Holiday; The tenses.

BEHAVIOURAL OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Read and comprehend the passage
  2. Learn new words
  3. Use the correct forms of tenses in sentences

BUILDING A BACKGROUND: Pupils are familiar with comprehension passages and new words 

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIAL: Pictures, charts and textbook

REFERENCE MATERIAL:  Nigeria Primary English. Book 5




Now read the passage carefully and try to remember the facts in it. 


A myth is an ancient story that explains something very important to people in a particular region. Older people tell these stories to younger people in every part of  the world. All storytellers change these stories when they tell them; so there are now many different versions of the same myth. Much later, people began to write them down. A creation myth is a myth that explains how the universe, the Earth or life began. There are hundreds of wonderful creation myths in every country and region. Here are some from Nigeria.  The first example is a creation myth known to our Efik people.  The creator, Abassi, made a man and a woman but he did not want them to live on Earth. His wife, Atai, persuaded him to let them be here. Abassi wanted to control the humans, so he made them eat all their meals with him. He did not want them to grow food or hunt. He also ordered them not to have children. However, the woman was fed up and she began growing food. Then the man joined his wife in the fields and they stopped coming to eat with Abassi. Soon they had children. Abassi was very angry and blamed his wife for what happened. She promised to do something about it. She sent death to Earth and she also sent arguments and fighting to weaken the power of the people. 


Use examples in the passage to choose the correct word from each pair in brackets.

1. I’m writing (down/up) the names of friends I want to come to my party.  2 The story is known (to/about) children in this area. 

2. There are millions of people living (in/on) Earth.

3. Bayo is fed (with/up) because he has no money for ice-cream. 5 He blamed me (for/by) missing the bus!



  1. Ancient           2.  Myth      3.  Versions          4.  Bored     5.  Empty




Fill in the gaps with the most appropriate for of tenses.

  1. She …………….. rice and beans last night. ( eat )
  2. The old woman ……………. From the tree. ( fell )
  3. My father ………………. a red jeep. ( drive)
  4. Who ……………… the flower vase? ( break )
  5. She ………….. rice and beans. ( prepare)


EVALUATION: Pupils are evaluated thus:

Write a composition on the topic ‘ How I Spent My Last Holiday ’

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