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Classification based on Uses





TOPIC: Classification based on Uses

Milk (Diary) producers

These are animals that produce milk. An example is cattle.Some animals supply us with milk. Examples are cow and goat

FIG. 1

Meat producers

These are animals that are reared to produce meat. Examples are goat,� cow and broilers( chicken).�

The flesh of some farm animals serves as good meat for man. Examples are cow (beef), goat, fish, sheep and poultry.�

FIG. 2

Egg producers

Some animals are reared to produce eggs. Examples are chicken(layers) and quail.�

Some farm animals supply us with eggs. Examples are the fowl, duck and the goose. The eggs can be eaten cooked or fried. Eggs are also used in baking

Work (beast of burden)

These are used to carry load. Examples are donkey and ox.�

Farm animals that are used to do heavy work on the farm are also called beasts of burden.�

Other farm animals are used for carrying goods, e.g. farm produce and people from one place to another. Examples of such animals are the donkey and the horse.�

Some farm animals are used to do work on the farm, such as cultivating the soil, planting and weeding. Examples of such animals are oxen and bullocks.

FIG. 3


  1. Name five farm animal
  2. State the product obtained from farm animals
  3. Give examples of ruminant animals 4. Give examples of non ruminant animals
  4. Name animals used as beast of burden.

WRAP UP (CONCLUSION): Teacher goes over the topic once again for better understanding.


Name two animals used as beasts of burden.�

Name one farm animal that lives inside water.�

Give two examples of non-ruminant animals.�

Give two examples of ruminant animals.�

State one product each obtained from these animals.� Name five farm animals.

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