Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 5


Week 10




Topic: Religion and Religious beliefs 

Behavioral objectives: At the end of the lessons, the pupils should be able to

1 list the types of religious practices in Nigeria

.2 explain the meaning of religious intolerance

.3 identifies problems of religious bodies in Nigeria.

4 state five of the role of religious bodies in Nigeria

.5 states how religious conflicts can be controlled

Instructional materials

Different kind of Charts and references materials 

Scheme of work 

And other relevant materials

6 years basic Education curriculum

Online information

Building background connection to prior knowledge: pupils are familiar with the topic in their previous classes


Role of religious groups in national development

  • Religious group was the first to provide formal education in schools. They have continued to build and run schools in which children receive their education. For instance, several Muslim and Christian groups have continued to do this.
  • Religious groups have built hospitals in which the sick are treated.
  • Religious bodies encourage people to live a good life, according to the laws of God.
  • They have formed youth associations to help the youth to develop.
  • They also encourage national unity, because their members come from different ethnic groups in Nigeria.

How to control religious conflicts

Religion provides rules which help to control human feelings and actions for the good of the people. The following are some of the ways to control religious conflicts:

  • Different religion preaches peace and brotherly love. Each religion has its own doctrines and dogmas. Doctrines are the most important beliefs of a religion, while dogmas are fixed beliefs which must be accepted without any question.

           Religious groups may not change their dogmas. They can, however, preach tolerance. This helps to reduce conflicts. 

  • All religions have practices and celebrations. Some of these are held in a noisy Way. These celebrations can make some people, whose religions are different, feel bad. Therefore, such celebrations must be held without noise and disturbance.
  • Religion may involve preaching in the open air. Loudspeakers are sometimes used even in places of worship. The noise coming from this could make other people angry. The country or religious groups should find ways of controlling such noise in public.
  • The government should also organize public enlightenment programmes to educate people on how to tolerate other religious practices.
  • Religious bodies should be made to pay for things damaged by their members during religious riots, while fanatic groups or those involved in religious violence must be made to face court action.

Assessment and evaluation

Teacher asks questions from pupils based on the topic 

 Wrap up and conclusions

Teacher goes over the topic for better understanding.


  1. List roles of religious groups’ national development

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