Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 5

Why we should work


SUBJECT: Christian Religious Studies

TERM: 1st Term

CLASS: Primary 5

TOPIC: Why we should work

We should work so that we can earn a living. We work to take care of our basic needs such as food, clothing and housing.

Another reason why we work is to be able to take care of our family. As a bricklayer, we work to build houses for people. As a teacher, we work to impart knowledge to people so that they can be out of ignorance. As a medical doctor, we work to reduce the spread of diseases and cure those that are sick.

Moral lessons

  1. God wants us to work so that we can provide for our families.
  2. God told Adam and Eve to till the ground. He wants us to work so that we can produce food for ourselves and others.
  3. God wants us to be good citizens of our country. We should work in the school, listen to our teachers and also do our homework on time.
  4. When we work, we contribute to the progress of our communities. God wants us to free other people from their ignorance and poverty.
  5. When we work, other people will respect us.


  1. Work is what you do regularly in order to earn a living.
  2. There are different types of work. Bricklaying, carpentry, tailoring, shoemaking, trading and teaching are examples of work.
  3. We work for different reasons. These include:

a.) We work to earn a living.

b.) We work to provide basic necessities for our families.

c.) We work as bricklayers to build houses, so that people can live in them.

d.) We work as medical doctors to take care of those that are sick.

e.) We work as teachers to impart knowledge to pupils, so that they can be good citizens and contribute to the progress and development of the community.


  • define what work is.
  • mention different types of work.
  • explain why people should work.

WRAP UP (CONCLUSION): Teacher goes over the topic once again for better understanding.


  • Define what work is.
  • Mention three types of work.
  • List three reasons why you should work.

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