Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 4


Week 8




TOPIC: Shapes

SUBTOPIC:�� 3 dimensional shapes

BEHAVIOURAL OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Distinguish between open and close shapes
  2. State the properties of close shapes
  3. Appreciate the presence and use 3 dimensional shapes in Homes.
  4. Identify right angle,acute and obtuse andle in a plane shape.
  5. Distinguish between horizontal and vertical.




A cube has 8 vertices

A cube has 12 equal edges

A cube has 6 equal faces


A cuboid has 8 vertices

A cuboid has 12 unequal edges

A cuboid has 6 unequal faces


A cylinder has one curved face

It has two flat faces

It has no vertex


A sphere has one curved face only.

Curved face

It has no edge and no vertex.


A cone has 1 vertex

A cone has 1 curved face

A cone has 1 flat face (i.e. a closed cone)

A cone has 1 edge


Object��������������� Number of vertices��� Number of edges����� Number of faces

  1. Maggi cube
  2. Die
  3. Concrete block
  4. Tin of milk
  5. Football
  6. Sugar cube
  7. Ice-cream cone
  8. Box
  9. Class-room

Exercise 1

Study the pictures above and on page 251 along with other solid objects around the class

and classify them into open and closed objects.


  1. Open object do not have a cover at the top. The inside of an open object can be seen,

because it has no cover or top face.

  1. The inside of a close object cannot be seen because of the cover or top face.

Study this table carefully

�������� �������������������������Open object���������������������������� Closed object

Cube No of vertices��������� 8���������������������������������������� ��8

No of edges�������������������� 12���������������������������������������� 12

No of faces������������ �����������5����������������������������������������� 6

Cuboid No of vertices������� 8����������������������������������������� 8

No of edges��������������������� 12��������������������������������������� 12

No of faces����������������������� 5���������� ��������������������������������6

Cylinder No of curved faces 1��������������������������������������� 1

No of flat faces�������� �������������1�������������������������������������� 2

No of vertices����������������������� 0������������������������������ ��������0


  1. Tubes, pipes, straws are special cylinders with no flat face. They are known as hollow

cylinders. The two ends are open.

  1. A sphere is always a closed objects.

Exercise 2

Copy and complete this table, stating whether the following solids are open or closed objects.

Name of shape���� Open����������� Closed




Ice-cream cone

Ludo die

Cube of sugar

Tin of milk

Tin of Milo

Tin of tomato

  1. Copy and complete the table drawn below.

Number of faces���� Number of edges������ Number of vertices

closed cube

closed cuboid

open cube

open cuboid

closed cylinder

open cylinder



Copy and complete the following.

  1. A three-dimensional shape having equal faces _____________.
  2. A cuboid has _____________ unequal faces.
  3. The face of a cuboid is a _____________.
  4. A cylinder has _____________ flat circular faces.
  5. A cone has _____________ edge.
  6. An open shoe box has _____________ faces

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