Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 4

Drawing material and still life objects (man-made objects)



TERM: 1ST TERM                           


TOPIC: Drawing material and still life objects (man-made objects).

Learning Objectives

At the end of this Module, Pupils should be able to:

  • Identify still life objects.
  • Named the material used in drawing still life objects.
  • Draw and shade still life objects.


  • Pencil
  • Drawing book
  • Different colours
  • Art works
  • Explanatory posters/pictures
  • Explanatory Video

Entry Behaviour: the students have been taught the definition and types of colours.


  • Universal Basic Education Curriculum.
  • NERDC Basic Education Curriculum for primary schools.
  • Lagos State Scheme of work
  • Unified Schemes of Work Primary Schools for Cultural and Creative Arts (MIDDLE BASIC)
  • Internet Materials.
  • Cultural and Creative Arts for Primary Schools.



Still life objects are objects that cannot move. They are called inanimate objects. That is they do not have life. Examples are chalk board, chair, desk, table, bag etc.

Materials used when drawing still life objects

  1. A  pencil (2B , 3b or 4B)
  2. An eraser.
  3. Drawing book or paper that looks like a drawing book.

Technique used when drawing still life objects

  1. Objects are drawn from like a transparent wire frame forms with visible lines of construction.it helps us to be aware of the shape of each individual form and it position in relation to other forms
  2. Sketch out the object lightly. This make it easier to change any mistakes and erase any lines of construction.


It is the process of adding shadows and light to our drawings. The following are types of shading that can be used in still life drawing.


A properly shaded still life drawing 

Shading is very important and it must be done properly. Pencil should be used lightly when shading and be patient to prevent mistakes.

  • Mass shading
  • Line shading
  • Pointillism
  • Cross hatching
  • Smooth shading

Steps taken when drawing still life

  1. Pick an objects to draw.
  2. Place it on a table.
  3. Have a source of light in other to specify where the shadows will fall.
  4. Observe the objects for some minutes (6 – 10 minutes).
  5. Start from where you feel comfortable
  6. Draw lightly the   shapes you see in the objects like circle or rectangle.
  7. Darken the outline.
  8. Take break when you are tired.
  9. When you are done compare it the still life drawing.



  • The Teacher revises the previous lesson (printmaking).
  • The Teacher introduces the topic: Drawing material and still life objects (man-made objects).
  • She/he explains still life objects deeply to the students.
  • He/she mention the steps in drawing still life objects
  • Teacher leads pupils to mention the material needed for drawing still life objects.
  • The pupils copy and submit their note for marking.


  • Draw and shade any still life objects using any techniques of you like.


Instruction: Answer the following questions below.

  • What is still life drawing?
  • List three examples of still life objects.
  • Mention the materials needed when drawing still life.

CONCLUSION: the teacher sum up the lessons and marks the pupils note.

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