Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 4

God reveals himself to us

Week: 8th

Subject: Christian Religious Studies

Class: primary 4

Term: 1st Term

Topic: God reveals himself to us

- Purpose of God’s revelation.

- Mode of reveal "I am"

Behavioural objectives: At the end of the lesson pupils should be able to:

  1. List the purpose of God's revelation to us.
  2. Define the mode of reveal

Instructional material/Reference material: Textbook charts and pictures.

Building Background /connection to prior knowledge : Pupils are familiar with the topic.



Purpose of God’s revelation

When God created man, he made man to resemble him. He wanted man to be able to do things like him and think like him. God always enjoyed coming down to the Garden of Eden to talk to Adam and Eve. But after Adam and Eve disobeyed him, God could not speak to them as freely and as often as he used to, because sin was now blocking the way between man and God. In fact, the more people sinned and disobeyed God, the more difficult it was for them to hear him.                                                      Sin makes God sad. Where there is sin, God cannot reveal himself to us as he so much wants to. He wants to show us the parts of him that we do not know. He does not want to hide himself from us; neither does he wants us to hide ourselves from him. God wants to continue to show us how to think and how to do things like him. As God reveals himself to us, we change and become more and more like him.

Right attitude to God’s revelation

We have a part to play when God reveals himself to us. We must be sure to receive the Revelation                                     


Evaluation:Teacher ask Pupils questions in relation to the topic.


1. Tell the class some ways in which you resemble your father or mother.

2. Memorise 1 Samuel 3:10 and recite it in your next lesson. ‘Speak Lord, for thy servant hears’

3. Find the meaning of the following words: (a) Resemble, (b) Scarce, (c) Reverent, and (d) Revelation.

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