Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 4

Structure: Further practice in the use of tenses ; Writing: Oral composition / Narrative An Interesting experience; Grammar: Aural/ Discrimination

WEEK:� Six

CLASS: Basic Four


SUBJECT: English Language

TOPIC:� Structure: Further practice in the use of tenses� ; Writing: Oral composition / Narrative An�� Interesting experience; Grammar: Aural/ Discrimination

BEHAVIOURAL OBJECTIVES:At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Correctly use their tenses
  2. Narrate an interesting experience
  3. Compare and contrast vowel sounds

BUILDING A BACKGROUND: Pupils are familiar with tenses and story telling

INSTRUCTIONAL� MATERIAL: Pictures, charts and textbook

REFERENCE MATERIAL: Macmillan Brilliant Primary English Book 4







Description of the vowel sound� /�/ /�/ is a short sound. To say /�/, you open your mouth wide, while your jaw and the back of your tongue are down.

Usual�� spelling variant��������� of�������� /�/�����������������������������������������

a��������� mat��� cat��� sat��� fat factory��� manager�� capture�� Saturday

ai�������� plait� �� plaid�

usual spelling variant of /a:/

a �������� father� path � after �� heart�� ask ���� answer���� aunt ���������� pass ��� dance� sergeant

ar�������� part �� cart��� hard ���� arm ���� dart� �� ��bar ���

al�������� calm�� palm � ���psalm ���������� half

EVALUATION: Pupils are evaluated thus:

A. Complete each��� of�������� the����� sentences������ with��� one����� /�/����� word�� and����� one����� /aː/����������� word�� from��� the�����

1 Try and get back before it gets _______________.�

2 He held the stone in the _______________ of his _______________.

3 Can you _______________ me that _______________?

4 He _______________ at the _______________ all night.

5 How _______________ is _______________?

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