Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 4

Elements and principles of arts and design



TERM: 1ST TERM���������������������������


TOPIC: Element and principles of arts and design

Learning Objectives

At the end of this Module, Pupils should be able to:

  • State the meaning of elements of design.
  • List element of design.
  • List the principles of design.
  • State the meaning of principles of design.
  • List principles of design.


  • Pencil
  • Drawing book
  • Different colours
  • Art works
  • Explanatory posters/pictures
  • Explanatory Video

Entry Behaviour: the students have been taught meaning and definition of arts.


  • Universal Basic Education Curriculum.
  • NERDC Basic Education Curriculum for primary schools.
  • Lagos State Scheme of work
  • Unified Schemes of Work Primary Schools for Computer Studies (MIDDLE BASIC)
  • Internet Materials.
  • Computer Studies for Primary Schools.

��������������������������������������� CONTENT

Meaning of element of design

Elements of design are tools used to create work of art. These are lines, texture, shapes, value, colour and space. These element work together to create a composition.

The element of design are

  1. Line: �it is straight or curved or zig- zag length without breadth or thickness.it is the trace of a moving point. Line can be diagonal, horizontal or vertical. It appears in the middle of design and shows direction in a design to communicate the mood and feeling of an artwork.
  2. Texture: it is the appearance of a surface having a sense of touch. The surface could be drawing or design that is smooth, hard, soft, rough.
  3. Colour: it helps to create the mood of a design. Different colours are used to represent different thing like black shows sadness, purple and blue shows calmness and peace, red colour shows Dangers.
  4. Space: it is a blank area on paper that separates one object from the other space.it can be positive or negative space. It is the creation of space in the creation of drawing as if they have three sides using perspective.
  5. Value: it is the amount of light and dark in a work of art. It can make parts of a drawing to appear more important than others, and it helps to create depth on a flat surface.

����������������� Principles of Design

Principles of design state the way we arrange the element of arts to create a work of art.

A good work of art should contain more than one or more of the principles mentioned earlier.

The following are element of principles of design

  1. Harmony: it is the arrangement of art elements in a pleasing ways.
  2. Variety and Contrast: �it is the use of various sizes of objects, various colours and various textures to add beauty to the work of art.
  3. Movement: it is the art of creating repeated use of lines, shapes, values, textures and colours either in regular or irregular pattern.
  4. Balance: it achieved when the art elements are arranged so that the whole work of art looks stable or balanced.
  5. Dominance: it is the most focus area in the work of art.it is called the Focal points. It is making one object or element bigger and more important than any other things in a work of art.
  6. Composition: it is the organization of the elements of art in a work of art.


  • The Teacher revises the previous lesson�(Meaning and Definition of Arts��)
  • The Teacher introduces the topic: Element�and principles of arts and design.
  • She/he explains the element of arts and designs deeply for the pupils.
  • He/she mention�and explains the principles of design.
  • Teacher�leads�pupils to mention�the element�of arts and designs and the principles of design.
  • The pupils�copy and submit their�note�for marking.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: the students draw and colour art work of their choice using the element of design and identify the principles of design.


Instruction: Answer the following questions below.

  • What is principle of design?
  • Mention the five elements of design in an artwork.
  • Mention three types of lines.
  • Mention five principles of design.

CONCLUSION:�the teacher sum up the lessons and marks the pupils note.

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