Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 4

Jesus, the son of God


Subject: Christian Religious Studies

Class: primary 4

Term: 1st Term

Topic: Jesus the son of God.

- Explanation of the term “Son of God”

- Jesus was born by the power of Holy spirit.

- Evidence of Jesus as the Son of God. Matt 3:16&17

- The testimony of Simon peter. Matt 16:16

- The event of the transfiguration

Behavioural objectives:At the end of the lesson Pupils should be able to:

Explain the term son of God

Instructional material/Reference material: Textbook charts and pictures.

Building Background /connection to prior knowledge : Pupils are familiar with the topic




Jesus is the son of God, He has the image of God in Him because the Holy spirit lives in Him and also the father is in Him.

Jesus was born by the Power of the Holy spirit

Mary conceived Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy spirit. Mary was a virgin and has been espoused to Joseph the carpenter, was visited by the Holy spirit and the Holy spirit told her not to be afraid that she was going to have a child called Jesus and everyone will be blessed through Him, and the angel also appeared to Joseph not to reject her, but should take her as his wife.


The spirit of the living God is in Him and that made Him the song of God. At the river Jordan when He wanted to be baptized of John the Baptist, heavens opened and the Holy came down in the form of a Dove and said this is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased.

Testimony of simeon Peter

After several work Jesus did with His disciples, one day while they were together Jesus asked His disciples, "whom do you say I am". And His disciples said, some said you are one of the prophets, but simeon Peter said you are the son of God, and Jesus said flesh and blood has not revealed this unto you, but the Holy spirit.


While Jesus went to the mount to pray, there were two other men who appeared to Him in long White linen. The two men were Moses and Elijah, they were there to be with Him, signifying His last days on earth.


Evaluation: Teacher ask Pupils questions in relation to the topic.

Answer the following questions:

1. List people who testified of Jesus Christ as the son of God.

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