Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 3

National consciousness

WEEK 6&7

Subject: Civic Education

Class: Primary 3

Term: 3rd Term

Topic: National Consciousness

Subtopic:� National symbol as a national identify

Learning Objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able� to:

  1. List some of the national symbols
  2. Explain respect for national symbols as a national identify

Resources & materials: Scheme of work.

9 years curriculum

Pupils textbook

Online resources


A copy of the National Anthem

The Nigeria coat of arms

Building Background/ connection to prior knowledge: Pupils are familiar with the topic in their previous classes.


Me�ning of n�tion�l symbols

N�tion�l symbols �re things which represent � country. The symbolsusu�lly h�ve cert�in ch�r�cteristics which �re recognised �s representing something of import�nce in the country. Symbols c�n be people, le�ders or public property.

Nigeri�n n�tion�l symbols

Nigeri� h�s � number of symbols through which people c�n e�silyidentify Nigeri�, Nigeri�ns �nd m�tters th�t h�ve to do with Nigeri�.

These include the following symbols:

1. The n�tion�l fl�g

�) The green st�nds for the rich �gricultur�l soil of Nigeri�.

b) The white st�nds for pe�ce �nd unity


2. The co�t of �rms is �nother n�tion�l symbol which st�nds forpower �nd �uthority.

�) The bl�ck shield st�nds for the good soil of Nigeri�.

b) The two horses st�nd for dignity �nd pride of Nigeri�.

C) The m�rk which looks like the letter Y, st�nds for the twom�jor rivers in Nigeri�: River Niger �nd River Benue.

d) The e�gle st�nds for the strength of Nigeri�.


Other n�tion�l symbols �re:

3. The Nigeri�n constitution: This is � speci�l book th�t cont�insthe l�ws of our country.

4. N�tion�l �nthem: It is the speci�l song of our country.

5. N�tion�l pledge: This is the promise which we m�ke to love,serve �nd protect our country.

6. N�tion�l currency: This is the money spent within our country.t belongs to Nigeri� �nd c�nnot be spent in �ny of ther country.�


7. The Nigeri�n p�ssport: This is � sm�ll document from the government. We c�rry it when we tr�vel out of Nigeri�. It proves th�t we �re �ctu�lly Nigeri�ns.


The Nigeri�n p�ssport

There �re other import�nt symbols which �re not n�tion�l symbols.

They include the following:

  1. Tr�dition�l le�ders: The w�y they dress �nd their titles e�sily tell us where they rule. Some of them hold such titles �s Obi, Olu,Ob�, Emir, �nd Eze.
  2. Religious le�ders: They tell their followers �bout God �nd help them to beh�ve in � godly w�y, in order to m�int�in love �nd pe�ce in the country. They �lso pr�y for our country �nd their followers.
  3. Ro�d signs: These �re symbols th�t tell us how to beh�ve when we are on the ro�d. For inst�nce, � sign m�y be pl�ced to me�n: Do not p�rk here. The green tr�ffic light me�ns you m�y move on now.

Respect for n�tion�l symbols

�ll good citizens must show respect for n�tion�l symbols. Showing respect for n�tion�l symbols me�ns th�t we love �nd respect ourcountry. We c�n show respect for n�tion�l symbols by doing the following:

  1. St�nding �t �ttention while singing the n�tion�l �nthem �ndreciting the n�tion�l pledge.
  2. H�ndling the n�ir� with c�re.
  3. Flying the n�tion�l fl�g in �ll public pl�ces.
  4. Obeying l�w �nd order, �s written in the constitution.
  5. Putting up the photogr�phs of our president �nd st�te governorin our schools �nd offices.


The Teacher revises the previous week lesson.

The Teacher introduces the new topic.

The Teacher explains the note in details.

The Teacher gives room for pupils to ask questions.

The Teacher evaluates the pupils.


  1. List some of the national symbols
  2. Explain respect for national symbols as a national identify


Teacher goes over the topic once again to enhance better understanding.


  1. Wh�t the me�ning of n�tion�l symbols?
  2. Dr�w �nd describe �ny two Nigeri�n n�tion�l symbols you know.
  3. Wh�t c�n we do to show respect for our n�tion�l symbols?
  4. Mention three other symbols you know th�t �re not n�tion�l symbols.

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