Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 3

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ


Subject: Christian Religious Studies

Class: Primary 3

Term: 3rd Term

Topic: The death and resurrection of Jesus

Performance objectives: At the end of this unit, pupils should be able to:

1 narrate the stories of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

2 identify the importance of the death and resurrection of Christ.

3 explain the appearance as evidence of resurrection.

Guide to Bible passages (Luke 23: 33-46; 24: 1-6; 44-47; John 20: and 16-18)

Building Background connection to prior knowledge:  pupils are familiar with the topic in their previous classes.



The death and resurrection of Jesus

Jesus was killed by crucifixion at a place called The Skull. Crucifixion is a type of death whereby a person is killed by tying him to a cross and leaving him to die. Death by crucifixion was one of the worst ways to be killed. And this was the way Jesus was killed. But, while Jesus hanged on the cross, he prayed and asked God to forgive the people who crucified him and those who were laughing at him, because he said they did not know what they were doing. Two strange things happened. The first one happened at about 12 o’clock in the afternoon. The sun stopped shining; everywhere became very dark until 3 o’clock when the second one happened. At that hour, the curtain in the temple was torn from the top to the bottom. Then Jesus screamed, ‘Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit!’ Having said that Jesus died.Very early on Sunday morning, some women who were Jesus’ followers went to the tomb where Jesus’ body had been placed. They were carrying spices and perfumes to put on his body to prepare it for burial. When they reached the tomb, they saw that the big stone which was used to cover the tomb had been rolled aside and the tomb was open. They looked inside but did not see Jesus’ body lying down there. Instead, they saw two angels standing in the tomb. The women were very afraid, but the angels told them that Jesus was no longer dead. He was alive!

The women then remembered the things Jesus had told them about how he would suffer death and on the third day, rise from the dead.

Evidence of Jesus’ resurrection

After Jesus rose from the dead, the first person that saw him was Mary Magdalene. Jesus spoke to her and then sent her to tell his disciples that he was alive. That same evening, the disciples were in a locked room because they were afraid of the Jews. Suddenly, they saw Jesus standing among them. At first, they were scared. But Jesus spoke peace to them and showed them where the nails had pierced his hands and his sides. When they saw that it was really Jesus and not a ghost, they were very glad.

Importance of Jesus’ death and resurrection

Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, anyone who repents of their sins can receive forgiveness, no matter what they did wrong. We can also call God our Father and our God because Jesus has made us children of God. Because of his death and resurrection, we can be sure of eternal life.

Moral lessons

1. When people do bad things to us, we should pray for them like Jesus did.

2. No matter what bad things we do, we can repent and ask God for forgiveness and he will forgive us.

3. We should not be afraid to call God our Father.

4. We are sure of eternal life because Jesus paid the price.

5. We can ask God to help us in any trial we are going through.


Strategies and activities

Step1: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step 2: Teacher introduces the new I

Step 3:  Teacher explains the new topic

Step 4: Teacher welcomes pupils questions

Step 5:  Teacher evaluates the pupils

Assessment and evaluation

1. Narrate the stories of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

2. Identify the importance of the death and resurrection of Christ.

3. Explain the appearance as evidence of resurrection.

Wrap up (conclusion): Teacher goes over the topic once again to enhance better understanding.


1. Mention three people whom Jesus appeared to after his resurrection.

2. What is the name of the place where Jesus was crucified?

3. What were the two strange things that happened just before Jesus died?

4. What did the women go to the tomb to do to Jesus’ body?

5. Mention two things that make Jesus’ death and resurrection important.

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