Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 3

Advantages of modern toilets

Week 10




Topic: Advantages of modern toilets

(i)You do not need to go outside the house to use the facility. (ii) We can easily clean the toilet every morning to reduce bad odour and flies. (iii) Modern toilets make life more comfortable when we want to ease ourselves. (iv) Modern toilets are easy to maintain even when they are used by a large number of people.

Traditional toilets

Traditional toilet facilities (i) Traditional toilets are available everywhere especially in the villages and other rural areas. (ii) We do not need regular supply of water to use traditional toilets. (iii) We do not need special paper to clean up after using traditional toilets. (iv) They are cheaper to construct.

The different between modern and traditional toilets facilities

Another point of difference between traditional toilets and modern toilets is the price point. Traditional variety is cheaper than the modern variety. Unlike traditional toilets which work on the gravity model, modern toilets work on pressure assist model. The water tank has another tank inside it which is sealed.

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