Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 3



Subject: Physical and Health Education

Class: Primary 3

Term: 1st Term

Topic: Football

Subtitle: Football

Learning Objectives: At the end of this this lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Explain the origin of football
  2. State players position
  3. State three basic skills of football and perform them

Resources and materials:

Scheme of work

Online information

Instructional material: picture chart

Building Background/connection to prior knowledge: pupils are familiar with the topic in their previous classes.


Football (or soccer as the game is called in some parts of the world) has a long history. Football in its current form arose in England in the middle of the 19th century. But alternative versions of the game existed much earlier and are a part of the football history.

The first known ball game which also involved kicking took place In China in the 3rd and 2nd century BC under the name Cuju. Cuju was played with a round ball on an area of a square. It later spread to Japan and was practiced under ceremonial forms.

In 1908 would football for the first time be included as an official sport in the Olympic Games. Until the first FIFA World Cup was played in 1930, the Olympic Games football tournament would rank as the most prestigious on a national level. Women's football was not added until 1996. In Britain, Andrew Watson is known to be the first black player, and he played in the Scottish club Queen’s Park in the 1880s.


The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was founded in 1904 and a foundation act was signed by representatives from France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The world regions have been divided into six football confederations: Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF), Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Union des Associations Européennes de Football (UEFA), The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF), Oceania Football Confederation (OFC), and Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol (CONMEBOL).

Players and their position


Goalkeeper − The main aim of a goalkeeper is to stop the opposing team from scoring a goal. The goalkeeper is restricted to the rectangular penalty area which is 18 yards away from the goal and he is the only player in the game who is allowed to use his hands to stop the ball.

Defenders − The defenders are positioned in front of the goalkeeper and their aim is to stop the opposing team from entering into their goal area.

Outside fullback − They play on the left and right flanks and see that the ball doesn’t pass over them. They rarely move from their positions.

Central Defenders − They are positioned in the center of the field and are supposed to cover the leading goal scorer of the opposition’s team.

Midfielders − They are the link between the defenders and attackers. They need to be fit and physically very strong than other players on the field as they are the players who run maximum time of the game all around the field. Their responsibility is to enter the opposing team’s area and see that they defend them when the opposing team retains the ball.

Forwards − Their main aim is to score goals or to create an easy situation for their teammates to score a goal.

Center Forward − The most tactful, dangerous and strong player of the game. They are also called strikers. Strikers are basically the leading goal scorers in the game.

Basic skills in football

  1. Dribbling
  2. Passing
  3. Juggling
  4. Receiving
  5. Shooting
  6. Trapping
  7. Heading
  8. Throwing


Strategies& Activities:

Step1: Teacher revises the previous topic.

Step2: Teacher introduces the new topic.

Step3: Teacher explains the new topic.

Step4: Teacher welcomes pupils’ questions.

Step5: Teacher evaluates the pupils.

Assessment & Evaluation:

  1. What was football called in China?
  2. Write in full FIFA
  3. Write four players and their position.
  4. Write in full CAF.

WRAP UP(CONCLUSION) Teacher goes over the topic once again for better understanding.


  1. List six basic skill in football
  2. What is the function of a goalkeeper?

Football was first played in Olympics in what year?

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