Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 3


WEEK 6&7

Subject: Cultural and Creative Arts

Class: Primary 3

Term: 1st Term

Topic: Objects

Subtitle: Methods of modeling objects with clay /plastering

Learning Objectives: At the end of this this lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Define modelling
  2. State methods of modelling
  3. Mould objects with clay/plaster

Resources and materials:

Scheme of work

Online information

Instructional material: picture charts, clay, kneading board, knife, water, apron, painting brush.

Building Background/connection to prior knowledge: pupils are familiar with the topic in their previous classes.



Definition of modelling

Modelling is the process of making an object with clay or plastering. You can make anything you want with clay but the clay must be prepared first. Examples of objects we can mould from clay are cups, pots, plates, flower vase, and village house.

The following are the items used in preparing clay; bowl, knife, kneading board, water, apron, painting brush, sieve and clay.

Methods of modelling

There are different methods of modelling with clay. Some of these include:

1 The pinching method

2 The coiling method

3 The slab method

The pinching method

This method involves using small pieces of well-prepared clay to gradually build an art object or a functional artwork. Steps to modelling using the pinching method include;

Step 1: Knead the clay to make it smooth.

Step 2: Roll the clay into balls.

Step 3: Make clay-balls (small and big).

Step 4: Create a hole inside the clay ball. Use your right thumb to press down the centre.

Step 5: Guide the sides of the pinched-clay while finishing your pot or any other thing you are modeling.

Step 6: Flatten the bottom of the clay with your finger. Press the clay carefully against the kneading plank to create a flat bottom.

Step 7: Expose the clay work to the sun to dry and paint with a color you like.



Strategies& Activities:

Step1:Teacher revises the previous topic.

Step2:Teacher introduces the new topic.

Step3:Teacher explains the new topic.

Step4: Teacher welcomes pupils’ questions.

Step5: Teacher carry out practical with the pupils to make mould a pot

Step6: Teacher evaluates the pupils.

Assessment & Evaluation:

  1. What is modelling?
  2. State four steps of pinching method

WRAP UP(CONCLUSION) Teacher goes over the topic once again for better understanding.


  1. Prepare clay and make a flower vase.
  2. Define modeling
  3. State three methods of modelling

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