Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 3

Nuclear family


Subject: Social Studies

Class: Primary 3

Term: 1st Term

Topic: Nuclear family

Subtitle: The roles of nuclear family members

Learning Objectives: At the end of this this lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. explain the roles family members
  2. state the roles of father in the family
  3. state the roles of mother in the family
  4. state the roles children in the family

Resources and materials:

Scheme of work

Online information

Instructional material: picture chart

Building Background/connection to prior knowledge: pupils are familiar with the topic in their previous classes.



Roles of family members

All members of the nuclear and extended families have different roles to play to bring about the growth of the family.


1. The father is the breadwinner of the family. This means he provides money for the family’s food.

2. He provides the needs of the family such as food, shelter, and clothes.

3. He pays the children’s school fees, electricity bills and waste disposal bills.

4. He protects the children and other members of the family from any attack.


1. The mother cooks for the family and makes sure the members of the family feed well.

2. The mother assists the father in training the children and making sure they behave well in the society.

3. She cleans the house to ensure healthy surroundings.

4. She teaches the children how to perform domestic work. Domestic work is the type of work we do at home. It includes sweeping the floor, washing the plates and clothes, and mopping the floor.


The children also have their roles in their own upbringing. This is to ensure that the roles of other family members are not in vain.

1. The children help their parents to do household chores, such as sweeping and cleaning the house as well as wash the cars, clothes and plates.

2. The children run errands for the parents and other members of the family. This means they do the work people asked them to do.

3. The older children in the family help in training the younger ones.

4. The children assist in taking care of their parents when they are sick.

5. The children show that they are obedient by reading their books and doing their homework at the right time.


Strategies& Activities:

Step1: Teacher revises the previous topic.

Step2: Teacher introduces the new topic.

Step3: Teacher explains the new topic.

Step4: Teacher welcomes pupils’ questions.

Step5: Teacher evaluates the pupils.

Assessment & Evaluation:

  1. State three roles of the children in the family
  2. Who is the breadwinner in the family?

WRAP UP (CONCLUSION) Teacher goes over the topic once again for better understanding.


  1. Who teaches the children to perform domestic work?
  2. Write four roles of the children in the family

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