Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 2

Use of regular and irregular plurals of nouns

Week:  Seven

Class: Basic 2

Term: 3rd Term

Subject: English 

Topic: Use of regular and irregular plurals of nouns

Behavioural objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to;

  1. identify regular and irregular plurals.
  2. use regular and irregular plurals in simple sentences.

Instructional material/Reference material: 1. Charts

  1. Chalkboard 3. Pictures 4. Flash cards

Building Background/ Connection to prior knowledge: The pupils are familiar with the topic(s).



  1. Regular plurals, plurals with‘s’ ending e.g. ball/balls, girl/girls.
  2. Irregular plurals, e.g. man/men; ox/oxen, child, children

fig. 1 

Regular Plural Nouns

Most singular nouns are made plural by adding -s to the end of the singular form.

Singular and Plural Nouns Examples:

car – cars

bag – bags

table – tables

house – houses

dog – dogs


Irregular Plural nouns

fig. 2fig. 3 



Write down the correct plurals forms of the following nouns.

1 life – _____________       2 loaf – _____________

3 mouse – _____________ 4 tooth – _____________

5 woman – _____________ 6 leaf – _____________

7 deer – _____________     8 house – _____________

9 baby – _____________    10 man – _____________



Teacher’s Activities

  1. Writes out on the board examples of regular and irregular plurals.
  1. Guides them in the formation of plurals

Pupils’ Activities

  1. Pupils reproduce in writing teacher’s examples of regular and irregular plurals
  2. Form regular and irregular plurals.


  1. Give the plural forms of five words.
  2. Make simple sentences with regular and irregular plurals.

Summary: Teacher goes over the topic once again to enhance better understanding.

Wrap-up [conclusion]: Teacher corrects and marks pupils’ notes.

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