Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 2

Simple Oral comprehension/games

Week:  Four

Class: Basic 2

Term: 3rd Term

Subject: English

Topic: Simple oral comprehension/games

Behavioural objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to;

  1. Listen to a short passage read to them.
  2. Retell the story as it was read to them.
  3. Answer simple comprehension questions.

Instructional material/Reference material: 1. Pictures of objects and persons

  1. Charts 3. Course book

Building Background/ Connection to prior knowledge: The pupils are familiar with the topic(s).



Reading passages that will interest the pupils.

Reading short stories to the pupils.


The computer

 fig. 1 fig. 2

The computer is a machine that can process, store, and show information. It works automatically. That is, it does a lot of work and calculations by itself. You can also use the computer to read about and see things happening in other parts of the world. This is when the computer is connected to the Internet.

The computer has two main components hardware and software. Hardware refers to the physical parts of the computer. These are the parts we can touch. They are the monitor, mouse, keyboard, hard disc, and chips.

The software refers to the instructions that are stored in the computer, or that can be run by the computer.

Other parts of a computer are the motherboard, central processing unit (CPU), power cord, and computer case.

The computer can be a desktop type. This is the type of computer that cannot be carried about. It is heavy and is used in big offices and business centres.

Another type of computer is the laptop. A laptop is a personal computer that uses a battery. It is small and suitable for use while moving or travelling. It is called laptop because it can be placed on your lap while you are using it.

Nowadays, smaller computers than the laptop are in use. These are called pads, tabs, minis, and notebooks.



Answer these questions.

1 What is a computer?

2 How does a computer work?

3 How many main components does a computer have?

4 Mention five parts of a computer.

5 The physical part of a computer is called the ____________

A hardware. B software. C laptop.

6 Which of the following is a computer software?

A keyboard B mouse C instructions in a computer

7 A laptop is a type of computer that uses ____________

A water. B a battery. C coal.

8 Which of the following is the smallest computer listed?

A desktop B laptop C Ipad



Teacher’s Activities

  1. Reads interesting passages to the pupils, emphasizing important words.
  2. Tells a story to the pupils selects some pupils to re-tell the story.
  3. Asks pupils simple questions based on the story. 

 Pupils’ Activities

  1. Listen carefully to the passage read by the teacher.
  2. Retell the story to teacher and other pupils.
  3. Answer simple questions based on the story.


  1. Listen attentively to a given passage story.
  2. Retell the story directly.
  3. Answer given question from the story.

Summary: Teacher goes over the topic once again to enhance better understanding.

Wrap-up [conclusion]: Teacher corrects and marks pupils’ notes.

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