Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 2

Making of local instruments

Week: Five

Class: Basic Two

Term: 1st Term

Subject: Basic Technology

Topic: Making of local instrument

Previous knowledge: Students have learnt about local instrument that produce sound

Behavioural objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Make local instrument that produce sound
  2. Construct local musical instruments from available materials.
  3. Play games with sound using the musical instrument they made.
  4. List materials for making local instrument

Instructional� material: Bamboo stem, pawpaw stalk, knife, string.

Reference material: Longman Basic Science and Technology for Primary Schools UBE edition by P. Asun


Making of local instrument

You can sound the trumpets, bang the drums and strike up the band. It is possible to make musical instruments using recycled materials. There are mental and physical benefits associated with playing and listening to music.

Examples of musical instrument that can be produced at home.

  1. Guitar:- To make a guitar, simply stretch several large elastic bands around a cardboard box.

We chose a box with an open top, but a tissue box with a hole in the center, works well, too.

Choose elastic bands that vary in width to ensure that all of your "guitar strings" will produce different tones and sounds when they're plucked by little fingers.

  1. Drum:- For drums, we used a plastic ice cream container with a lid. Using a hole punch, make four holes in the container: one on each side of the container itself (just below where the lid sits) and one on each side of the lid. With the lid off, but positioned close to the top of the container, simply thread a long length of wide ribbon (we used first aid gauze) through the holes. Snap the lid in place, and knot the ends of your ribbon. Add a couple of chopstick drumsticks or sticks for a booming good time.


Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic.

Step II: Teacher inroduces the new topic " Making local instrument"

Step III: Teacher explains how to make guitar using elastic band and cardboard box.

�Step IV: Teacher explains how to make drum using plastic.

Step V: Pupils copy the note and submit for marking


  1. You can make local instrument using recycled material Yes/No
  2. Playing and listening to music has emotional benefits Yes/No

Conclusion: Teacher concludes the lesson by evaluating the students and gives an assignment


1. Explain how you can make drum at home.

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