Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 2

Local instruments that produce sounds

Week: Four

Class: Basic Two

Term: 1st Term

Subject: Basic Technology

Topic: Local instruments that produce sounds

Previous knowledge: Students are familiar with instruments that produce sounds

Behavioural objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Name local instruments that produce sounds

Instructional� material: Bamboo stem, pawpaw stalk, knife, string

Reference material: Longman Basic Science and Technology for Primary Schools UBE edition by P. Asun


Local instrument that produce sounds

Local musical instruments are objects put together in the locality to produce music

There are many local instrument in Nigeria that can produce sound. This include:-

  1. Shekere
  2. Samara
  3. Gangan
  4. Ekwe
  5. Udu
  6. Agidigbo
  7. Bata drum
  8. Kakaki
  9. Xalam
  10. Ogene
  11. Kontigi


Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic.

Step II: Teacher inroduces the new topic "Local instrument that produce sound"

Step III: Teacher explains the meaning of local instrument

�Step IV: Teacher states and explains examples of local instruments

Step V: Pupils make relevant contribution


  1. What are local instrument?
  2. Mention two local instrument used in your locality

Conclusion: Teacher concludes the lesson by evaluating the students and gives an assignment


  1. List ten local instrument used in Nigeria.

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