Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Primary 2

Caring for accident victims

Week: Three

Subject: Social Studies

Term: 1st Term

Class: Primary 2

Topic: Caring for accident victims

Previous knowledge: Students have learnt about accidents

Behavioural objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to

  1. List steps of caring for accident victims in the school and home

Instructional� material: Picture of an accident victim receiving treatment in the hospital.

Reference material: Learn Africa Basic Social Studies with Security Education for primary schools by B.J Obebe and others


Caring for accident victims

Accidents are things we do not plan for. Even after avoiding accidents, they may still happen. The following are some of the ways we can take care of accident victims. Victims are those who are hurt during accidents.

  1. When accidents occur, we should report to our parents or teachers.
  2. Adults should give the victim first aid.
  3. Remove what has caused the accident, like banana skin or broken bottle.
  4. Take the victim to a nearby clinic or hospital.
  5. Teach the victim how to avoid such accidents in the future.


Step I: Teacher revises the previous topic

Step II: Teacher introduces the new topic "Caring for accident victims."

Step III: Teacher states and explains how we can care for accident victims in the school and home.

Step IV: Teacher explains further with relevant examples

Step V: Pupils make relevant contribution


  1. Accidents that happen at home are ______________________.
  2. Accidents that happen on the road are called _____________.
  3. Accidents that happen at work places are called _______.

Conclusion: Teacher concludes the lesson by evaluating the students and gives an assignment


1. List at least three ways we can care for accident victims

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