Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Junior Secondary School 3


SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION                                     



REFERENCE : Fundamentals of Civic Education For Basic 9, JSS 3 by Sola Akinyemi.




  1. …………..develops democracy. A. Election  B. Counting   C. Violence   D. Malpractice.
  2. Which of the following is not a quality of a good leader ? A. Capability   B. Charisma C. Procrastination  D. Commitment 
  3. The tier of government that operates at the grass-root level is the…….. A. community  B. emirate C. federal  D local
  4. What is the symbol of authority of the legislature? A. Anthem B. Coat of Arms  C. Gavel  D. Mace
  5. A contented person is always A. envious B. greedy C. poor D. satisfied
  6. Illiteracy can lead to the following except ………. A. basic rights violation  B. cheating  C. tolerance             D. injustice
  7. Electoral malpractice can lead a country to civil war. A. True B. False C. True /False D. None of the above
  8. The head of the upper legislative chamber in Nigeria is the …… A. Majority Leader    B. Senate Leader    C. Senate President    D. Speaker
  9. The highest court in Nigeria is the … court. A. Customary   B. Federal High  C. Supreme  D. Federal Appeal
  10. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of democracy ? A. Freedom of press  B. Manipulation of votes during election  C. Rule of law  D. Secret ballot
  11. The Federal Executive Council in Nigeria is headed by the……. A. Head of the service of the federation.   B. President of the federation. C. Secretary to the government        D. Senate President
  12. Which of these is not an attribute of a good citizen? A. Commitment B. Dedication C. Selfishness              D. Honesty
  13. This is not a cause of electoral malpractice. A. crave for powers   B. urge to serve  C. lack of political education D. inadequate planning.
  14. ……….is a consequence of electoral malpractice. A. Riot   B. Political party   C. Election   D. Voters.
  15. Re-introduction of Civic Education in schools is a …..to electoral malpractice. A. cause B. consequence.C. solution D. disadvantage.
  16. ……………is a form of electoral malpractice. A. Canvassing for votes. B. Explaining the manifesto           C. Thuggery    D. Distribution of leaflets.
  17. The electoral malpractice whereby fake voters’ cards are packed into the ballot box behind the expected voters in an area is called…………A. financial inducement B. thuggery C. ballot stuffing D. none of the above
  18. …………….is not a basis of qualification for election. A. Sanity B. Age C. Education D. Number of Children
  19. ………….is not a basis for or importance of election. A. Checking excesses of leaders. B. Provides opportunity for political education. C. Provides a basis for financial embezzlement. D. Measuring the popularity of government in power.
  20. The main objective behind the establishment of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is to promote……… A. cultural heritage    B. national defence   C. national disintegration D. national unity



SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION                                      CLASS: JSS 3





  1. Elections:
  • Meaning 
  • Types of Elections
  1. Importance of Election in Democratic Society
  2. Electoral Bodies in Nigeria
  • INEC
  • SIEC
  • Uses
  • Composition and Roles
  1. Free and Fair Elections
  • Meaning 
  • Importance/Need for Free and Fair Elections
  1.   Electoral Malpractices in Nigeria
  • Meaning of Electoral Malpractices
  • Forms of Electoral Malpractices 
  • Causes of Electoral Malpractices
  1. Ways of Preventing Electoral Malpractices in Nigeria
  2. Democratic Process
  • Voting
  • Voters Registration
  • Process of Voting
  • Importance of Voting
  1. Revision
  2. Examination


Fundamentals of Civic Education For Basic 9, JSS 3 by Sola Akinyemi.














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