Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Junior Secondary School 3


SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION                                     



REFERENCE : Fundamentals of Civic Education For Basic 9, JSS 3 by Sola Akinyemi.




Meaning of Electoral Malpractices 

Electoral malpractice means going against laws guiding the conduct of elections. It can also be defined as an illegal interference with the electoral process of a country. It is also known as electoral fraud.


Forms of Electoral Malpractices in Nigeria.

  1. Illegal registration or underage.
  2. Voting more than once.
  3. Possession of more than one voters card.
  4. Intimidation of voters at voting centres.
  5. Improper counting of votes.
  6. Violence and chaos during elections.


Causes of Electoral Malpractices

  1. Poverty.
  2. Win at all cost.
  3. Improper education of voters and candidates.
  4. Non – implementation of electoral laws.
  5. Bad economy.
  6. High level of illiteracy.




  • Define electoral malpractices.
  • Mention the forms of electoral malpractices.
  • Identify three causes of electoral malpractices in Nigeria.



General Evaluation/Revision Questions:

  1. Mention the features of Lyttleton constitution of 1954.
  2. What were the advantages of 1854 Lyttleton constitution?
  3. What were the disadvantages of 1954 Lyttleton constitution?
  4. Which constitution gave Nigeria a full federal system of government?
  5. Which constitution provided a bicameral legislature for Nigeria?



  1. A man with a grab-it-all tendency is likely to be …….. A. content   B. greedy   C. honesty  D. truthful 
  2. The major function of the executive is to   A. enact laws    B. execute and enact laws     C. implement laws     D. interpret laws 
  3. A contented person is always   A. corrupt     B. envious     C. greedy    D. satisfied 
  4. What is the symbol of authority of the legislature?     A. Anthem     B. Coat of Arms    C. Gavel                     D. Mace 
  5. Which of these is defined as the training of one’s mind to obey simple rules and regulation? A. Commitment    B. Consistency      C. Discipline      D. Integrity 
  6. Which among the following is not an attribute of discipline? A. Cheating B. Dedication C. Modesty                     D. Perseverance 
  7. Ability to behave in a controlled and calm manner in a difficult situation is referred to as …..   A. boldness    B. contentment    C. courage    D. discipline 
  8. Which of the following agencies is not concerned with fighting drug abuse in Nigeria?    A. Ministry of health     B. National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control     C. National Law Enforcement Agency    D. Red Cross Society 
  9. The following are causes of conflict except ………..   A. cooperation     B. greed    C. leadership problem               D. religious intolerance 
  10. Another name for the Nigeria Coast of arms is….. A. badge of Nigeria  B. black shield     C. red eagle         D. white and green wreath 


Reading assignment

Fundamentals of Civic Education book 3 by Sola Akinyemi pages 43 – 49.


Weekend assignment

  1. All the following are forms of electoral malpractices except A. voting more than once B. possession of more than one voters card C. proper counting of votes D. violence during elections.
  2. All the following are causes of electoral malpractices except A. proper education of voters B. bad economy C. poverty D. illiteracy.
  3. _________ is another name of a voter A. officer B. official C. politician D. electorate.
  4. _________ Organ of government is responsible for law making A. civil service B. judiciary C. legislature D. executive.
  5. How many local government areas do we have in Nigeria? A. 770 B. 774 C. 660 D. 500.




  • Define electoral malpractices.
  • Mention four causes of electoral malpractices.


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