Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Junior Secondary School 3


SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION                                     



REFERENCE : Fundamentals of Civic Education For Basic 9, JSS 3 by Sola Akinyemi.





  • Types of Electoral Bodies in Nigeria.

There are two types of electoral bodies in Nigeria. They are 

  1. (INEC) Independence National Electoral Commission
  2. State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC).


Composition and Roles of Electoral Bodies in Nigeria.

  1. Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC): It is the main agent of democracy in Nigeria. INEC is a permanent body created by the constitution to organize federal and state elections in Nigeria. The overall head of INEC is called chairman. Every state in Nigeria has a resident electoral commissioner that supervises the conduct of elections in the states.
  2. State Independent Electoral Commission: The State Independent Electoral Commission has power to:
  1. Organize undertake and supervise all elections to local government councils within a state.
  2. Advise INEC on the compilation of and the register of voters for local government election.


Functions of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

  1. Registration of political parties.
  2. Registration of voters and provision of voter’s cards.
  3. Registration of candidates for elections.
  4. Provision of electoral materials such as ballot papers and ballot boxes.
  5. Counting of votes after elections.
  6. Announcement and declaration of winners.
  7. Education of citizens about democracy and electoral process in Nigeria.
  8. To educate voters about democracy and electoral process in Nigeria.
  9. To divide the country into constituencies or electoral districts.



  1. Mention the functions of INEC.
  2. Mention the functions of SIEC.
  3. Mention the two types of electoral commission in Nigeria.


General Evaluation/Review Questions

  1. What were the features of Richards Constitution of 1946?
  2. Mention four advantages of the Richard Constitution of 1946.
  3. Mention four disadvantages of the Richards Constitution of 1946.
  4. Which constitution divided Nigeria into three unequal regions?
  5. How many Nigerians were in the executive council of 1946 Richards constitution?



  1. Which of these features distinguish the Yorubas from the Hausas? A. Dressing B. Greeting   
  1. Marriage    D. All of the above
  1. Type of courage is………A. stubbornness spirit   B. moral courage   C. dancing courage D. fighting courage 
  2. A courageous person must possess all these qualities except……. A. commitment B. endurance                  C. determination    D. indiscipline 
  3. The three arm of government include   A. the advocacy, tyranny and judiciary    B. the legislative, judiciary and executive    C. democracy, executive and the rule of law    D. the legislative, communism and advocacy 
  4. One of the attributes of right attitude to work is  ……… A. punctuality B. unseriousness
  1. indiscipline     D. laziness  
  1. Rescuing a child from drowning is a demonstration of ………. A. swimming ability   B. loving courage       C. physical courage    D. moral courage 
  2. Which of these has the constitutional power to change currency in Nigeria?   A. Federal government only    B. State government only     C. State and Local government    D. Local government only 
  3. A federation uses…………..  A. unwritten constitution    B. Confederal constitution   C. federal constitution    D. unitary constitution 
  4. The name ‘Nigeria’ was suggested by……… A. Miss Flora Shaw  B. Lord Lugard     C. General Clifford     D. General Macpherson 
  5. Nigeria presently uses………  A. written constitution    B. A flexible constitution  C. A confederal constitution   D. A federal constitution


Reading Assignment

Fundamentals of Civic Education for JSS 3 by Sola Akinyemi, pages 41 – 42.


Weekend Assignment

  1. The overall head of INEC is called the A. Chairman B. President C. Governor D. Supervisor.
  2. Electoral materials such as ballot box and ballot papers are provided by A. NAFDAC B. EFCC C. INEC D. NEMA.
  3. The slogan of Ogun State is A. heart beat B. sunshine state C. treasure base D. gateway state.
  4. The slogan of the Federal Capital territory of Nigeria is A. centre of unity B. centre of Excellence C. fountain knowledge D. treasure base.
  5. Elections in Nigeria take place every A. five years B. six years C. ten years D. four years.



  1. Mention the types of electoral commission in Nigeria.
  2. Identify five functions of INEC.


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