Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Junior Secondary School 3

Farm management

Date: 23rd -27th of January 2023

Class: JSS 3

Term: 2nd Term

Week: 3

Subject: Agricultural Science

Topic: Farm Management

Duration:45 minutes

Teaching Aid: A chart

Reference Book: WABP Junior secondary Agriculture for Nigerian School 1 by Anthony Youdeowei et al

Behavioural Objectives: By the end of this topic, students should be able to

  1. Define farm management
  2. Mention the functions and problems of a farm manager


Step 1: Teacher revises last topic

Step 2: Teacher introduces and explains new topic

Step 3: Teacher writes note on the board

Step 4: Teacher evaluates students

Step 5: Teacher marks students' notes and give assignment

Previous knowledge: Students have been taught factors of production


Farm Management

It involves how farmers arrange to get the crops they plant and animals they rear, how to organize labour for the farm, how to arrange them for harvesting, storage, transportation and marketing of farm products

Farm Manager

Farm manager is someone who is responsible for organization, administration, production and marketing farm produce.

Functions of a farm manager

  1. Secures suitable land for farming
  2. Determines what to produce
  3. Employs workers for farm work
  4. Supervises work on the farm
  5. Arrange work roster
  6. Rewards or discipline staffs according to their performances
  7. Ensures adequate supply of feeds
  8. Determines quantity of produce to sell
  9. Keeps general records of the farm
  10. Develops new idea for continuous improvement of farm operations

Problems of a farm manager

  1. May lack human relations management
  2. May not be knowledgeable about the work
  3. May not get right workers on the farm
  4. May not have enough capital
  5. May lack information on where to get farm inputs

Evaluation: Who is a farm manager?

Assignment: Mention seven(7) qualities of a farm manager

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