Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Junior Secondary School 3


SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION                                     



REFERENCE : Fundamentals of Civic Education For Basic 9, JSS 3 by Sola Akinyemi.




Elections take place in every democratic society. Without elections democratic society cannot succeed.


Theimportance of elections are as follows:

  1. Choice of Leaders: Elections give the people in a country the opportunity for choosing their leaders into different political offices such as president, governors, legislators etc.
  2. Easy and peaceful change of Government elections provides an opportunity for the masses to peacefully remove bad government from office and ensure peaceful change of government to another.
  3. Promotes Democracy: Election is one of the pillars of democracy. Regular free and fair elections help in sustaining democracy in any country.
  4. Provides Opportunity for political Education: Election provides opportunity for political parties to give political education to the people of a country. It is usually done through campaigns and rallies where political parties make their manifestos known to the people.
  5. Provides Opportunity for Participation in Government: Election gives the citizens of a country the opportunity of participating in government by casting votes for the candidates of their choice.
  6. Elections act as basis for measuring the popularity of the government in power.



Give five importance of elections in a democratic society.


General Evaluation / Revision Questions


  • Identify the features of the Clifford Constitution of 1922.
  • What are the advantages of the Clifford Constitution of 1922?
  • What are the disadvantages of the Clifford Constitution of 1922?
  • How many members were in the executive Council of 1922 Clifford Constitution?
  • In what year was Nigeria National Democratic Party formed?




  1. All the following can contest for elections in Nigeria except ………….. A. an adult     B. a sane person      C. an ex – convict     D. a teacher
  2. All these are voter’s right except …….. A. right to vote in privacy  B. right to vote if registered    C. right to ask questions on election process or procedure    D. right to vote even if not registered 
  3. Illiteracy can lead to the following except …….... A. basic rights violation    B. cheating       C. tolerance   D. injustice
  4. The following are fundamental human rights except freedom of ……... A. personal liberty     B. speech    . C. worship            D. manipulation
  5. The causes of electoral malpractice include the following except………. A. conducive environment           B. desperation         C. high level of corruption  D. weak electoral body
  6. Franchise stands for the right to ……….A. contest for political post    B. live in Nigeria   C. join an association           D. vote and be voted for
  7. For Nigeria to have a free and fair election, all forms of ……. must be stopped.   A. electoral laws              B. kidnapping  C. registration of eligible voters   D. electoral manipulation
  8. The following are the attributes of a good citizen except..A. obedience  B. loyalty C. partiality  D. patriotism
  9. All the following are features of rule of law except…… A. equality before the law    B. fair hearing                             C. impartiality  D. delegated legislation
  10. Which of the following is not a function of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).          A. Administering Oath of office  B. Conduct periodic elections  C. Registration of political parties             D. Compilation of voter’s register


Reading Assignment

Fundamentals of Civic Education for JS 3 BY Sola Akinyemi pages 40 – 41.


Weekend Assignment

  1. All the following are importance of elections except A. elections promote violence B. elections promote democracy C. elections enhance political participation D. elections ensure peaceful change of government.
  2. In which geo – political zone is Edo state? A. South – East B. South – West C. South – South D. North – Central.
  3. What is the slogan of Ondo State? A. pace setters B. sunshine state C. the state of harmony D. centre of commerce.
  4. How many Senators are in the house of senate? A. 108 B. 200 C. 109 D. 107
  5. How many people are in the house of representative? A. 340 B. 350 C. 355 D. 360.



  1. Define election.
  2. Give five importance of election.

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