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  • Basis Science Made Easy for JSS Three by F.I Kehinde et al
  • Basis Science Made Easy for JSS Two by F.I Kehinde et al
  • STAN Integrated Science for JSS Three
  • Precious Seeds Basic Science for JSSThree by J.O Otugboyega et al.




  • Meaning Skill Acquisition
  • Reasons for Skill Acquisition
  • Types of Skill
  • Importance of Skill Acquisition


Meaning of Skill Acquisition

A skill is a special ability acquired through training in order to do something in a better way. Skill is also defined as the ability to bring about some end result with maximum certainty an minimum outlay of time and energy. There is a different between talent and skill. Skill is usually acquired through training from either a formal or an informal setting. Talent is an inborn ability to do certain things. It is possible to be talented but not skilled. The training acquired will help the talented individual to improve on his/her ability. An acquired skill is perfected through constant practice and training. Psychologists believe that when you practice a skill continuous for seven years or 10,000 hours it becomes part of you. Someone who has undergone training to acquire a skill is called a professional or an expert while someone who knows little or nothing about a skill is called a novice. The process of moving from being a novice or unskilled person to a skilled person or a professional is called skill acquisition. Skill acquisition is the process of learning and mastering a particular skill.

Reasons for Skill Acquisition

    1. To earn a living: Skill could be acquired in order provide a means of livelihood for the individual. The individual uses the money earned from using his skills to meet basic needs.
    2. For employment: Acquiring a skill provides an individual with the opportunity of being self-employed. Skill acquisition reduces the stress of seeking for a job all over the place. The more engaged a person is in a profession, the more skillful he/she becomes. Such a person can even earn more money by training others. The person becomes a decision maker and a manager of emergencies

  • For independence: skill acquisition enables one to be independent, not relying on friends and family for survival

Other reasons for skill acquisition include:

  1. Risk taking
  2. Decision making
  3. Managing emergency situation
  4. Survival strategy
  5. Learning to live together
  6. Improvement of quality of life.
  7. Appreciating human capacity


  1. What is skill?
  2. What are the reasons for skill acquisition?

Types of Skills

There are different skills that can be acquired and they include:

  1. Automobile repairs (mechanical works)
  2. Painting
  3. Hair dressing/barber's work
  4. Photography
  5. Publishing
  6. Catering
  7. Panel beating
  8. Book binding
  9. Farming
  10. Computer literacy
  11. Fine art
  12. Welding
  13. Brick laying
  14. Plumbing
  15. ICT
  16. Metal work
  17. Electrical installation
  18. Video coverage
  19. Fish farming
  20. Trading
  21. Shoe making
  22. Fashion designing
  23. Upholstery/carpentry
  24. Hat/bead making
  25. Desktop publishing

Importance of Skill Acquisition

  1. Improvement in skills and knowledge.
  2. Improvement in communication.
  3. Improvement on the quality of life.
  4. Survival strategy.
  5. Means of livelihood.
  6. Self-gratification and independence.
  7. Meaningful contribution to the society.


  1. State five importance of acquiring skills.
  2. State ten skills that can be acquired.


  1. State ten types of skills.
  2. What are the reasons for acquiring skills?
  3. State four cause of flooding.
  4. What is light energy?
  5. State the laws of refraction.�


Basis Science Made Easy for JSS Three by F.I Kehinde et al. Chapter 14. Page 61-64


  1. A special ability acquired through training is called� A. Method. B. Process.� C. Entertainment.� D. Skill.�
  2. One of the following is not an acquired skill � A. Photography� B. Sleeping� C. Catering � D. Weaving
  3. Someone who has acquired a skill is called a � A. Professor� B. Cohesion� C. ProfessionD. Professional
  4. Which of the following is not a reason for acquiring skills?� A. Survival strategy� B. Dependency on friends� C. Self-employment� D. Training others
  5. �A person who has little or no knowledge about a particular skill iscalled� A. Professional� B. Expert C. Guru� D. Novice


  1. Define skill acquisition.
  2. Mention five types of skills.
  3. State four reasons for acquiring skills.
  4. State four importance of skill acquisition.

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